Stuck picking out the perfect gift for a man you know? Allow me to help! If you want to find a holiday gift that men would appreciate, you’re in the right place for top 2016 men’s Christmas gifts. Today, Theresa’s Reviews is featuring some of the hottest, most useful, and most exciting gifts in the annual holiday gift guide. From nostalgic video game gear to the tastiest food baskets, this year’s guide has something for everyone.

2016 Theresa’s Reviews Holiday Gift Guide for Men 

After doing some research on top men’s gifts this year, I added a few of my top suggestions for several categories. Shop the links to make purchases he’ll appreciate. From electronics to food to experiences, here’s what to get him. 


For men and children alike, the hard-to-find NES Classic Edition has a fun appeal that has put it at the top of everyone’s Christmas list. As soon as the NES Classic Edition was released, it sold out quickly, but stores restock it in small quantities throughout the holiday season. It comes with 30 games that include Super Mario Bros., PAC-MAN, and more. Gamers will appreciate the gaming system that started their love of gaming.

This item tops the list of items on my shopping wish list this year. Since it’s in such high demand, it will have to wait until after Christmas. An “I Owe You” coupon in the stocking might have to work instead.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide for Men

NES Classic Edition, $59.99


Men love updating their electronics. Some ideas include buying a new computer, surround sound system, or television. For a more moderately priced gift, check out the Crasher XL Splashproof Bluetooth speakers from JLab Audio. From the beach to the pool, they can go anywhere. Having splashproof electronics is ideal for the adventurous type who is always having a good time. Whether you want to amplify your music at the ocean or make answering your phone more simple by the poolside, the speakers are both practical and fun. 


JLab Audio Crasher XL Splashproof Bluetooth Speakers, $99.99


Household tools are a practical gift idea. For the sensible guy who takes his house projects seriously, the new Black and Decker Drill SMARTECH 20V Max Lithium Cordless Drill/Driver comes with modern features. When I gave my husband his choice of any Black and Decker product, he gravitated towards the drill. You can always use an extra drill or upgrade your old one. One of the most unique features is that it has a built-in LED light. For the early adopter, the drill comes with an accompanying app that helps you manage the battery life.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide for Men

SMARTTECH 20V Max Lithium Cordless Drill/Driver, 69.99

Outdoor Cooking Gear

This past summer, my family started cooking with the Weber Spirit E-310 Grill that Lowe’s Home Improvement gave our family, and we have enjoyed using it ever since. Because the grill come equipped with three burners, it has plenty of room to cook food for anyone in the neighborhood who happens to drop by your home. Not only does the food come out delicious, but there is also plenty of space to put the food on the fixed side shelves. This is the ideal gift for someone who doesn’t have a grill or wants to upgrade the one he has.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Weber Spirit E-310 Grill, $499

Indulgent Gift Ideas

If you want an indulgent experience, buy a gift card from Cloud 9 Living. Although we used our gift card to relax as a couple at the luxurious Spa at Turf Valley, you can choose from a range of unique and exciting experiences. For the adventure seeker, choose from zip lining experiences, flying a helicopter, and being front seat for a NASCAR drive. You can also go on food tours, cruises, and city tours. To make the gift a practical choice, men can easily exchange their experience for one they prefer more.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Cloud 9 Living Gift Card, price ranges

Inspired by my incredibly exciting, recent adventure to New York City, the New Patsy’s Golden Gift Basket comes from a restaurant that is so highly regarded that Frank Sinatra is one of many celebrities who have dined there. With this extravagant food basket, you get everything a foodie would love. From specialty pasta noodles to the delectable Patsy’s sauce, the basket has all the ingredients you need to cook a classic pasta dish, but there’s more. You also get delicious Cantuccini (Italian almond cookies),Oli Ola Artichoke Hearts, Urban Oven Crackers, Colavita Basil Pesto, Patsy’s Balsamic Vinegar, and Di Iorio “sinfully” fantastic dark chocolate.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide for Men

New Patsy’s Golden Gift Basket, $185

Fashionable Gifts

For a fashionable, eco-friendly gift idea, Shade Tree Sunglasses are polarized to help keep your eyes healthy in the sun. With the Socrates Dark Painted Walnut Wayfarer style, you get a pair of dark sunglasses that are not only nice looking, but also help our country cut back on petroleum-based plastics. Made from hand-finished Red Rosewood and partially painted black walnut, the sunglasses have a traditional style, while adding a subtle carved design near the temple.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Socrates Dark Painted Walnut Wayfarer Shade Tree Sunglasses, $79.95

Health-Conscious Gifts 

If you want gifts that encourage healthy living, I have several suggestions. First, for a man who is watching his diet in the new year, check out the Snackers Celebration Snack Tray from Verona’s Gift Baskets. I gave this gift basket to my dad on his birthday, and he loved it. In the basket, you get smokehouse almonds, honey roasted peanuts, cocoa dusted almonds, pistachios, cashews, and more. When snacking on nuts makes up for skipping desserts, this gift basket is ideal. 

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Verona’s Snackers Celebration Snack Tray, $59.99

For the fitness fanatic, the Withings Body Cardio Scale provides all your health stats with a simple app. In the app, you can instantly track your weight over multiple weigh-ins to help you notice trends. Every morning when you wake up, you can also use the scale to check the weather outside so you dress appropriately. In addition to the weight measurements, you can learn about your BMI, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and even your heart health. If you are shopping for a man who loves working out and tracking his fitness, this is a great pick.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Withings Body Cardio Scale, $179.99

From fun, luxury gifts to practical ideas, these gift ideas will help you start your holiday shopping with something any man will love. What gifts have you already bought for Christmas? Share your ideas in the comments.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide for Men

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I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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  1. Kim

    I secretly want that Nintendo for myself! Brings back memories! I love a good men’s gift guide – my husband has a December birthday too.

  2. Hanka

    We have been thinking of buying a grill for quite a long time – that from Weber looks good! Thank you for your ideas!

  3. Mary Barham

    I still haven’t gotten anything for my husband yet!!! NOW I FINALLY have an idea… he has been talking about needing tools forever now!! Thank you! Thank you!!

  4. Allison

    These are wonderful gift ideas! Guys can be so difficult to buy for but you have given great ideas. My hubby needs a drill so I may get him one!

  5. Debra

    I want the nes classic so bad for my husband but they are so hard to find right now. I am going into game stop everyday!! Sigh

  6. Megan mccoig

    Really great Picks. Covered every man here I think! I’d love to even try the splash proof water speaker myself, such a good idea!

  7. karen

    I honestly cant believe that NES Classic edition is so popular! I kinda dont get it – why so much buzz about it? But, could be a lot of fun and definitely a great gift for a guy!

  8. Julie Durfee

    Such a great holiday guide! This year I got a new watch for my hubby as well as a movie and a blu-ray player. Normally I get him a book from his favorite author but he hasn’t put out any new books lately.

  9. Catherine

    YES! I totally needed these gift ideas. I’m struggling on what to buy my man this year. Thanks for suggesting the NES Classic edition.

  10. Tayler Morrell

    I never go wrong with getting my husband a brand new video game. I wish I could get him more manly outdoor stuff, but we live in an apartment complex and we don’t have a yard or a porch.

  11. Christina Aliperti

    That NES classic edition is on my list for a few guys. It’s also on my own personal list of things I want!

  12. Kristie

    The NES is on hubs list too! He has every system ever made I don’t know why he wants this, guess for the nostalgia. Lol. Great list!

  13. Kristin

    Great gift guide. My husband wants that vintage Nintendo in the worst way. I wouldn’t mind as I used to play with my brothers when we were little. I also love the grill. We need a new one pretty badly. Thanks for the list.

  14. Jean

    Men are so hard to buy for so I’m so grateful that you shared this list! My husband is going to be spoily this year 🙂

  15. CourtneyLynne

    So many awesome gift ideas!!! My hubby wants one of those nitendos super bad!!!

  16. Heather

    The splash-proof speakers are such a great idea!! Of course, we need a new grill too. So many great choices! Thanks for the ideas!

  17. Sam

    I had no idea that there was a version of Nintendo classic available! That is so super cool! I think if I bought it “for the sir” it may be used by *cough cough* someone other than him *cough cough*:)

  18. Brittany

    I can’t believe they released another Nintendo! I have so many memories playing that with my brother growing up! I would love to give that to my husband! Not to mention play it myself!

  19. Fariha Navqi

    These are really good ideas. The little nintendo is awesome and brings back childhood memories.

  20. Angie Rose

    This is such a helpful list. I feel like it’s so difficult to buy gifts for my dad and boyfriend! That celebration snack tray is such a good idea. I also love that drill! Thanks for the great ideas 🙂

  21. Lindsey Paris

    Tools and electronics are definitely always on my guys list. This is a great help!

  22. Shann Eva

    I had no idea the NES was so popular. My husband would probably love it too, so we’ll wait until after Christmas…maybe for his birthday. Men are always the hardest to shop for, so thank you for all the suggestions.


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