If you are looking for ideas to enjoy the Star Wars Rogue One Blu-Ray as a family, you’re in the right place! Whether you are a Star Wars fan or have family members who are, getting in the spirit of a movie night can make it fun for the entire family. One of my favorite ways to enjoy a movie night is to make a delicious treat. Today on Theresa’s Reviews, I am sharing a chocolate TIE Fighter recipe the whole family will enjoy! You can also watch behind the scenes clips about the movie’s creation, which you can find on the Blu Ray.

Star Wars Rogue One Chocolate TIE Fighter Recipe

In the Star Wars movies, TIE Fighters are fast, agile starfighters that are propelled by twin ion engines. Out of all of the objects and characters in the movie, this is one of the simplest to recreate. With two round shapes on each end, you can create this shape with many different ingredients!

Theresa's Reviews Star Wars Rogue One Chocolate TIE Fighter Recipe & Movie Review

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I decided to make TIE Fighters with my children’s favorite healthy food, bananas and raisins. First, cut a banana into slices. Make the slices big enough that they can stand up independently. On a toothpick, place a banana slice, four raisins, and another banana slice. If you are looking for a healthy snack, you can eat them this way. For a delicious sweet treat, keep reading!
Theresa's Reviews Star Wars Rogue One Chocolate TIE Fighter Recipe & Movie Review

To make everyone excited about the movie treats, I dipped each one in chocolate. Use a double boiler to melt semi-sweet chocolate. Stir continuously. In order to completely cover the fruit with the chocolate, I placed it on a ladle and used a spoon to add chocolate. Double check that it is covered with chocolate by rotating the fruit from the ladle to the spoon until you can no longer see the fruit.

As you finish with each chocolate covered TIE Fighter, place it onto parchment paper on a cookie tray.

When you finish, place the tray in the refrigerator or freezer to completely cool the chocolate. This will take about 20-30 minutes The chocolate should be completely solid before you remove it. You will find that the treats melt quickly at room temperature, so only take them out when you are ready to eat them.

Next, carefully remove the toothpicks. You might damage one or two this way, but the rest will turn out looking nice. Clean up the edges with a butter knife.
Theresa's Reviews Star Wars Rogue One Chocolate TIE Fighter Recipe & Movie Review

Then, enjoy! These are delicious to snack on during the movie or afterwards, too! My children love when I turn lunchtime into a show as the TIE Fighters zoom around the kitchen.

Star Wars Rogue One Blu-Ray Movie Review

Although I’m certainly not the world’s biggest Star Wars fan, I do enjoy Sci-Fi movies. I also like teaching my daughters to enjoy Sci-Fi, and I found this movie very appropriate for them. Rogue One is rated PG-13 for action scenes and fighting, but you won’t find any profanity or risqué scenes.

I assumed that my children would get bored early since they aren’t into live action movies. Excitedly, they stayed up for the entire movie, and they couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

The movie is a war drama with a focus on the strong female lead character, Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones). If you are looking for a movie that teaches your children that girls can be heroes, this is a great selection. Since Jyn Erso makes a big difference in the universe, she could be considered a role model for young girls. She has confidence in herself, and she fights for what she believes is right.

One of the advantages of owning the Blu-Ray is that it comes with bonus features. These give you insight into how Rogue One was made. I always find it interesting to learn about the filmmaking expertise that went into making the movie. Check out some clips below.

Star Wars Rogue One is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD. With the copy I received, it came with a code for Disney Movies Anywhere. Now, I can watch Rogue One anytime, as long as I have a Wi-Fi connection!

Theresa's Reviews Star Wars Rogue One Chocolate TIE Fighter Recipe & Movie Review

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Theresa's Reviews Star Wars Rogue One Chocolate TIE Fighter Recipe & Movie Review

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  1. Bree Courtney

    Ahhhh, we just saw this movie! It was sooo good! Love the idea of themed parties and bananas and chocolate are always a win in my book and well, the raisins are ok because they’re covered in chocolate! 😀

  2. Nicci

    MMMM. You had me at chocolate. And healthy. I’ve been meaning to see the new Star Wars movie anyways, so this would be a fun way to enjoy it as a family!

  3. Christina Shoemaker

    This is such a cute idea!! We still haven’t seen the latest Star Wars movie but my son is dying too. He would go crazy for these!!

  4. CourtneyLynne

    Oooo how cute are these chocolates!!! I need to make some with my daughter m.


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