If you always have a packed schedule, bringing the right bag to each occasion matters. Day after day, you put your full attention into your work, but the kids still need to go to their after school activities, and you love traveling on the weekends. Sound like you? I have just the trio of bags for the many different places you need to be.

Choosing The Right Haiku Bag

For women who are on the go and like looking nice, Haiku Bags offers a big selection of colors and styles. Each bag has subtle, appealing colors and timeless, feminine designs. Regardless of the season, the Cactus color comes in such a neutral shade that it compliments any outfit. 

Whether You’re Working In An Office Or At A Coffee Shop, Arrive In Style

When you work in a field that requires you to carry a lot each day, having the right bag not only speaks to your professionalism, but is also very practical. With the Wisdom Work Tote, you can pack your laptop and still have room for the novel you’re reading on your lunch break.

Place your water bottle and coffee in the side pockets to always stay hydrated and energized. On the inside, you can find plenty of pockets for storing snacks, pencils, and anything else you need during the day. 

From Traveling To Work, Bring A Haiku Bag You Love - Found on www.theresasreviews.com

I asked Samantha to get a picture of my with the work tote, and I ended up getting soaked in the rain! This week, heading to work looks like this anyway, lots of clouds and rain.

Even though the bag is larger than my usual work tote, it offers a convenience that smaller bags don’t offer. With this bag, you can carry everything in one place. I notoriously overpack for work, and I’m always trying to juggle water, coffee, and a tote bag. I love that with this bag, you can fit a water bottle and a slender coffee mug on the side.

From Traveling To Work, Bring A Haiku Bag You Love - Found on www.theresasreviews.com

Just like with the other Cactus colored bags that Haiku offers, the style is simple and delightful. I love that the coloring and design brings some personality to a work outfit. For working at the office or at a coffee shop, this tote bag is ideal.

Stylishly Accessorize On Any Occasion

While the work tote is a new addition in my closet, I have owned the Ascend Hobo bag for almost a year. With a stylish, casual look, the bag has a smidgen of color in its details. For two different looks, try out the different straps.

From Traveling To Work, Bring A Haiku Bag You Love - Found on www.theresasreviews.com

This bag works well for any occasion. For me, I wear it to all of my kids’ after school activities, out to dinner, and to run errands. Since the bag has a pretty, carefree vibe, it works well for traveling. You should always travel with one nice purse that looks nice enough to pair with a dress, but that also works well with corduroys and clogs. 

From Traveling To Work, Bring A Haiku Bag You Love - Found on www.theresasreviews.com

Since the bag is a lot smaller than the work tote, it is much more versatile and looks less formal. As much as I love wearing the bag on the weekends and evenings, I’m thrilled to have a matching tote bag to wear to work. Regardless of the occasion, the coloring and style of these bags can always make you look put together.

Wherever Your Adventure Leads, Go Prepared

Traveling is a major passion of mine. I already have a nice travel set of luggage for the family, but the Passage Duffle has still come in handy for me. Since the duffle bag is lightweight, it’s perfect for a weekend away or an overnight trip.

From Traveling To Work, Bring A Haiku Bag You Love - Found on www.theresasreviews.com

As a mom, I love having a piece of luggage that looks feminine and sophisticated. The bag helps me stay organized during vacations. One nice feature is the ventilated shoe department. It’s perfect for storing sandals on a beach vacation.

Regardless of where your voyage takes you, you can show up in style with these three Haiku Bags. The bags are perfect to take on a vacation. Individually, each bag serves a purpose on its own, too. From an evening at a restaurant to a busy work day, you can show up in style.

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I received a free work tote, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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  1. Erin | A Welder's Wife

    Each of these bags look very durable and could possibly last years! I have not heard anything about this brand before, so I am glad I was able to learn about it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on them! 🙂

    • Theresa

      I think the smaller bag that I featured would be awesome! It’s much more practical if you’re not toting around a laptop.


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