Shopping for the holidays is difficult when you need to pick out a gift for your relatives. If you need some inspiration, the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Relatives will help you make the right selections. Since the featured gifts are some of the best gifts that your relatives would appreciate, feel free to do your Christmas shopping with the links in the article.

2016 Holiday Gift Ideas For Relatives 

When you need a thoughtful gift for a relative, pick out items that are classic or practical. The more an item has an overall appeal, the better. You don’t need very personal items if you are giving a gift to someone you don’t see often, but choose something nice enough to show that you put thought into choosing it. 

Festive Holiday Bouquets 

First, check out Teleflora’s Sparkling Star Centerpiece, a beautiful arrangement with gorgeous red roses, small red carnations, and evergreens. Teleflora is known for having holiday bouquets are not only beautiful, but also useful. When I put out my holiday decorations this year, I used the bowl that last year’s bouquet came in as a candy dish. With the Sparkling Star Centerpiece selection, you get a beautiful Silver and Joy bowl that will last for future decorating needs.


With beautiful red, green, and white colors, this item makes an incredible centerpiece for a festive Christmas dinner.


For a special relative, classic jewelry will leave a lasting impression. Check out the 6mm Freshwater Pearl Necklace from Pearl Clasp. Not only is this necklace made with AAA quality pearls, but it also has a beautiful silver filigree fishhook clasp. If you are picking out an item for a woman who made a big impact on your life, this jewelry is ideal because it can complement any outfit.


Women love jewelry. With a simple and classic style, pearls are a nice gift that your relative would appreciate.

Practical Household Items

When you know a specific item your relative needs, buy it for them. Practical household items might seem too basic, but they make nice gifts because the person receiving it has one less item to buy for themselves. Even cleaning supplies are nice gifts when the person needs them.

From Shark, the Rocket Complete Duo Clean is a sophisticated vacuum that offers deep cleaning capabilities with a lightweight design. Even though the vacuum uses two brushrolls to get all dirt, dust, and grime off your floors, it also has safety features that make it a good choice. When you accidentally run over a chord or the fringe from a rug, the vacuum will automatically stop, which prevents damage to the vacuum as well as the other object.


Although a practical gift sounds plain and non-luxurious, people appreciate receiving items they need. 

Wardrobe Essentials

Another nice gift idea is to give wardrobe essentials. Comfortable shoes are a must-have that everyone appreciates on Christmas. While selecting a style for someone else is difficult, you can make it easier by double checking that you give the gift receipt to make a shoe exchange easy to do.

One brand my whole family and I love for its comfortable style is Chaco. My mom, daughters, sisters, and more all wear Chacos because the shoes fit well and have a lifetime warranty. Most recently, I tried out the Pineland Chukka that have a nice relaxed and casual style. They come in black too, which would look nice in the workplace.


Although new shoes are practical, the right pair is also luxurious. If you simply can’t choose which pair, gift cards are also appreciated.

Christmas Cards

If you usually don’t exchange big gifts with many of your relatives, send Christmas cards instead. Receiving a card in the mail is a nice way to stay in touch, without spending money on each other. The holidays are a financially demanding time of year, but a card is the least you can do.


Remember to put cards in the mail as soon as possible, but late is better than never. It’s nice to receive a card, and if you forget, you can put a New Year’s card in the mail instead.

Health-Conscious Gifts

To show your relative that you care, buy a health-conscious gift. Many people start new health and fitness routines after the new year. Your gift can help encourage them to stick with their new goals. Fitness and health trackers are very popular ideas because they offer instant feedback.

With the MOCAHeart device, you can offer a reminder to check heart health often, using an easy-to-understand Smartphone app. The device makes it easy to understand your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and more, while giving an overall range of whether your cardiovascular health is doing well or needs improvement.


Smart technology is not only fun to use, but it is also a practical way to keep up with your health.

Handmade Gifts

Show your children that the holidays are about giving by helping them make handmade gifts to give away to your relatives. With a simple craft kit, you can make soaps to give as presents. Children love being able to customize gifts, and they enjoy participating in the gift exchange because giving to others makes Christmas more meaningful. 


Handmade gifts are a good idea when you have a lot of relatives. While it can seem easier to skip the gift exchange altogether, having the children create homemade gifts is a nice idea.

Have you already started your holiday shopping for extended family? Share your gift ideas in the comments.

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  1. Natalie | Natalie's Food & Health

    I love your holiday gift ideas. I was just wondering what to give to few of my relatives and this post came just in time. You gave me excellent ideas. I love festive bouquet idea, and handmade gifts. Thanks a lot 😉 Sharing, of course!

  2. candy

    Pearls would be nice but I am a more practical kind of woman. I enjoy giving the younger children craft gifts we can do together.

  3. Amber

    I love these ideas! I’ll be traveling to my husbands side of the family this Christmas and these are perfect.

    Xoxo Amber

  4. Debbie

    I love those shoes! I have to look them up in black, too. I could use a nice pair that goes well with jeans and is comfy, too! Great list.

  5. Stephanie Chavez

    Great list! I almost want everything on it, lol! Seriously though, those Chacos look super cozy. With a lifetime warranty, I’d buy some too. I just might in fact. 😉

  6. Kristen

    We always do homemade gifts with the girls for them to pass out to family members! I

  7. Jamie

    So many great ideas, I think I love that homemade soap kit idea, that’s so fun! Lots of great ideas for family this year!

  8. Jazz

    That bouquet is gorgeous and I would definitely appreciate that vacuum! I just bought a house so bring on the useful gifts lol. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Kiara

    Loved this gift guide and all the ideas you suggested! So many awesome ones to add to my list!

  10. Willow

    Great list! I have a sister in law who always gives household items. They are always things we need so they get used often.

  11. Angela Tolsma

    I love doing flowers, though I usually do something like a yearly subscription to a delivery service so it’s not a one time thing. Flowers can really brighten a person day!

  12. Lesley Carter

    I’m usually all for homemade gifts or experience gifts but the MOCAHeart device sounds perfect for my partner.

  13. celeste

    Relatives can be so tricky sometimes. Thanks for the vacuum suggestion! That is a great idea.

    Celeste /

  14. Angie Rose

    This is seriously so helpful right now. I always finish up my holiday shopping at the beginning of December, and usually I’m struggling to think of ideas. That phone heart device is so cool! Perfect for health conscious family. Christmas cards and kits like the soap lab are great ideas 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  15. Lisa

    I love that Teleflora is on your list! I always send a bouquet to my mom, right before Christmas, so she has a beautiful centerpiece for Christmas Dinner, without any work!

  16. Terri Steffes

    Great list! I added the pearl necklace to my personal list! I hope he actually looks at the list before he shops!

  17. Teresa

    Flowers are a great idea – I need to find my MIL a gift – but she always returns everything we give to her

  18. Julie

    I have some relatives I really struggle to shop for because I just don’t know what to buy them or really what their taste is. So the bouquet is a brilliant idea!

  19. Kami @FaithfullyMeBlog

    Awesome choices for relatives, it’s so hard this time of year to get the perfect gift for everyone on the list. I love those flowers and jewelry is always a go to choice as well.

  20. karen

    Flowers are always a no-brainer gift and a gift that everyone loves! These are such pretty flowers and the candles add that festive touch!

  21. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    These are some really great ideas, and would have totally come in handy in the years we were buying gifts for relatives. There have been so many kids born into the family over the last few years that the grown folks decided that we would just spend all our money on the kids.

  22. Orana

    Great ideas!
    A pearl necklace is such a nice gift! But can you imagine getting a vacuum cleaner for christmas? maybe a fondue maker instead 😉

  23. Jean

    Some great Christmas gift ideas! It can be hard shopping for relatives but your list has given me lots of ideas. I really like the Christmas cards!

  24. Taylor Mobley

    I love gift guides! I have another one coming out friday. We always do games for our family members because we are HUGE board game players. 🙂

  25. Christina Aliperti

    My family are some of the hardest people to buy gifts for! This gift guide is giving me some really good ideas.

  26. Paige

    This is a great guide! I like how you have something for everyone, whereas so many lists are suited for “boys or girls”. Very helpful!


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