If you are searching for summer sandals, you’re in the right place! For an excellent fit and a nice style, visiting the store can help you walk away with your ideal pair. Although shopping online offers convenience, there are several reasons to visit a shoe store. Check out why The Walking Company ABEO sandals are well worth checking out for your ideal summer pair.

Finding The Perfect Fit For Summer Sandals

From beach vacations to city walks, my old sandals kept me comfortable, while also working well for everyday use. The leather upper part made them even look nice for the work place.

Because the sandals worked well for all occasions, replacing them was difficult, and unfortunately, the company had stopped making them. When I posted a picture of my sandals online asking for advice on finding a similar pair, someone recommended I visit The Walking Company store and try out ABEO sandals.

The Walking Company offers a variety of shoes that offer support, including ABEO sandals.

The Walking Company ABEO Biomechanical Footwear Digital Technology

One of the benefits of going in the store was trying out The Walking Company ABEO Biomechanical Footwear Digital Technology. From walking across the device, you can determine the height of your arch.The Walking Company ABEO Biomechanical Footwear Digital Technology helps you determine the height of your arch to help you find the best shoes.

You also receive information about your balance and whether you place more weight on your left or right side. While this information can remind you of any injuries you have had, the data also helps determine which shoes are best for you.

The Walking Company ABEO Biomechanical Footwear Digital Technology uses three steps to find your right pair of shoes.

I was surprised to learn that my feet had neutral arch support because I thought my arches needed a lot of support. In the store, the manager explained that most people need arch support, and most shoes don’t offer enough support for the average person.

The Walking Company ABEO Biomechanical Footwear Digital Technology has a 3D foot analysis system.

Many Designs To Choose From

Although I came searching for sandals, narrowing down the type I wanted was difficult! From flip flops to running shoes, every style of ABEO offered excellent comfort. The Walking Company even offered high heel ABEO sandals perfect for the work place.

From high heels to tennis shoes, ABEO shoes come in many different styles.

Visiting the store means that you can try on each style. Not only does trying on the shoes help you find the perfect fit, but it also means that you can see what the material is like in person. Walking by each pair, you can see which pair catches your attention, and you can get feedback before making a purchase.

Finding The Perfect Fit And Style

Since I wanted shoes that had a nice leather upper, I decided on the Bridgette style.

Your ABEO sandals will have an arch support that fits your foot's needs.You can get the Bridgette shoes in either a neutral footbed (with an average arch support), metatarsal pad footbed (with enhanced arch support for high arches), and posted heel footbed (for low arches and flat feet).

From ABEO, the Bridgette sandals come in different arch supports as well as in different colors.

Not only does the Bridgette style come in black, but you can also get it in a nice neutral brown. Both pairs work well for summer and can transition into the fall when you wear them with work slacks, skirts, and dresses.

The ABEO Bridgette sandals come in black and a neutral brown.

One of the best parts about shopping in the store is walking away with shoes that you love. With the in-store digital technology and the manager’s advice, I quickly discovered my ideal pair of summer sandals. If you’re looking for a great fitting pair of summer sandals, check out the ABEO sandals at The Walking Company.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way way influenced my opinion.

13 Responses

  1. Angela Tolsma

    I love finding shoes better formed to your feet. When I worked at a running room I was taught how to visually see how people step, it’s super interesting the way feet are built.

  2. Luisa Verebasaga

    Love them shoes. I live in the South Pacific (FIJI) and visited the US late last year and managed to purchase 3 comfortable shoes in a shopping mall in Anaheim I think and I have been wearing them ever since. The soles of my feet sometimes sweat because of the heat and becomes uncomfortable maybe I bought the wrong ones not suitable for weather out here in the islands. Maybe a suggestion which pair would be suitable by the way I am flat footed – thanks

  3. Beth Davidson

    Oh wow, this is high tech! I haven’t been a mall for so long I didn’t even know this existed. I’ll have to check it out, just as soon as I figure out where my local mall is. Lol

  4. Misty Nelson

    Good shoes are so important and it’s hard to find one’s that are stylish and comfortable. These look amazing, and I love that they are custom fitted

  5. Rhian Westbury

    This is such clever technology, I’ve never had a scan of my feet done but I think I have a slight twist where my foot goes inwards when I walk a little bit x

  6. Robin Rue

    I have never heard of this company before but they seem amazing. Finding a great pair of shoes and comfortable ones at that can be difficult.

  7. Cynthia

    This is actually super cool! I don’t wear sandals, but if I need to, I would definitely go for something with more support for my arches. Customizable footwear + the technology, I hope this becomes a trend!

  8. Stephanie Cummings

    I’ve not heard of this company before, but I love the idea of them checking the feet to make sure you get the right pair. I struggle as i’m between shoe sizes so something like this might help me find the perfect shoe x

  9. Heather

    What a great way to find a shoe that’s actually good for your feet. We are always on the go and I know I should be wearing tennies but just don’t. This looks like a great alternative!

  10. Heather

    These look like a great option for shoe buying! I definitely have a lot of problems with my feet, and never thought to try something like this. I will definitely be making a trip to the Walking Company to try this out!

  11. Morgan

    This sounds like an amazing place to purchase shoes! I used to be into Target shoes till I started having feet problems, good shoes are soooo worth the extra money!


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