One item that makes a great gift for a mom is a charm bracelet. While researching gifts for mothers, I tried out a charm bracelet and five charms from a company called Soufeel. Since I received my bracelet around Mother’s Day, I wanted it to be a representation of the bond I share with my children. Each charm on the charm bracelet was meaningful to me.  I chose a mixture of charms that had my children’s birthstone and one charm with my birthstone. Since blues and purples are the main colors in my wardrobe anyway, the color scheme of the bracelet complemented my outfits. The colors were appealing and went well together.

Soufeel Jewelry Review

Regarding the quality of the item, I was very pleased. Each charm felt sturdy. To review the bracelet, I received several charms: the February birthstone dark purple cylinder charm, the March birthstone ocean blue cylinder charm, and the blue flowers charm set. The best deal was the blue flowers charm set, which came with three charms to help fill up my bracelet. While the charms were on sale and reasonably priced, the manufacturer did a good job. All of the stones on the charms held on very well and they looked very pretty.


Another item I received was the Sterling Silver basic bracelet, which also felt durable. Made from 925 sterling silver, the bracelet felt heavy enough to be sturdy without really weighing my arm down at all. While ordering, I had been apprehensive about sizing a bracelet online without getting to try it on, but I discovered that the sizing chart helped me fight an item sized just right. The bracelet fit well around my wrist, without falling over my hand, and it never felt too tight. Something neat about the bracelet is that it can fit charms from other popular charm bracelet companies so I can add on to the bracelet with any charm that says something special about my life.


My only critique would be that the company doesn’t make clear on the website how important it is to purchase clips or safety chains. Because I didn’t select those items, I had to be very aware of how I was holding the bracelet when I opened it. I realized that when I first received it, but after wearing it a couple days, I stopped being as aware. Forgetfully, I opened the bracelet as I headed upstairs after a day at work. The charms fell all over my living room floor, with some almost landing under the sofa. In the future, I will be more aware of how I open the bracelet and I may purchase one of the safety items to help keep the charms on the bracelet.

I would recommend the bracelet and charms. Since the items are more reasonably priced than some other company’s bracelets, you can get more for your money. Also, with the bracelet fitting charms from other companies, you can build the bracelet over years using a mixture of charms from different places. The fit and style were very nice. For a discount, you can use promo code Theresa5 for 5% off a purchase.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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