As a huge fan of the television show Shark Tank, in the past I have been granted awesome opportunities with several of the Shark’s companies, such as Chord Buddy, Freshly Picked, and Hot Tot hair care. Now, I can add another Shark Tank brand to my list of companies that I have collaborated with from the show. A while back, I watched the episode that covered the Mission Belt, so I was excited to try one of the company’s products. Because my husband needed a new, casual belt, the item he received met his needs and exceeded his expectations. The more he wore the item, the more I could see that it would make an awesome Father’s Day gift for any dad this year.

Mission Belt Review

To sample an item, I tried out the chocolate brown belt. The coloring of the item was very nice. I liked that the brown leather was casual. Because my husband owns a hip pair of brown suede shoes, he needed a belt that wasn’t a shiny leather. With the matte look, the belt matched both casual and nice clothes, while his other belts worked better mainly just with his dress clothes.

mission belt review

One of the unique features of the brand is that the belt does not require belt holes. Instead of using a traditional belt buckle, the belt closes with a different technology. Inside the belt, you can see ridges that help the belt stay in place. The ridges provide more of a customized fit so the best stops exactly where it needs to instead of half an inch bigger or smaller as it would with a belt buckle. My only complaint was that I haven’t seen this technology available in women’s belts yet. When I wear dresses that aren’t made with belts, I would like to be able to use this type of belt to create a waist line in my outfit.

mission belt review

To open the belt, all you have to do is press the lever. At first, my husband was resistant to the technology because he was wary that he might need to remove the belt but forget how. After trying the belt’s lever, it was clearly much more simple to do than we had thought. When you press the lever, you have to remember to pull the belt out. You don’t hear a click to indicate that the belt’s closure system has opened.

While trying out the belt, I was very pleased with its style. The coloring looked great. Material used to make the product looked sturdy. Using a different closure system on a belt was a new experience that was very worthwhile. As with anything new, there are always people who are resistant to change as well as people who embrace change. I do recommend trying this new type of belt because using it was a very good experience.

Something neat about the Mission Belt company is that they provide a dollar from each sale to help fight global hunger and poverty. Contact the company via their Facebook and Twitter pages.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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