Origaudio has created an innovative audio product. With the product, I turned household items into a speaker. I amplified songs outside by attaching the product to a rain pipe to create an inexpensive makeshift surround sound system.

Portable Speaker Review

Finding inexpensive large-scale speakers is now possible thanks to a new product created by Origaudio. I received the Rock-it 3.0 Portable Vibration Speaker to review. Before using the system, I have examined how the audio system works. I saw a section with a battery where noise feeds into the system. I saw a section where the part with the battery is connected via a wire to a device. I could see that the device creates vibrations that oscillate to amplify sound at different frequencies. As I am backlogged with reviews, I have not taken the audio system apart to analyze how the object works. I can hypothesize that vibrations create sound at different frequencies depending on the size of the object attached to the portable vibration speaker. I can guess that the frequencies of the vibrations create a sound, which amplifies music. The loudness of the amplification depends on the size of the object attached to the product.

Portable Speaker Review

I tried the vibration speaker on multiple objects. After studying the object with my husband, I finally realized that there is a sticker to attach the speaker to objects. I liked how it could stick to any product. I experimented with four glass containers with closed tops. As the first small container was filled with water, I could hear a depth to the noise created by the vibrations when water was in the object. Studying the second container, which was the largest container and had no water, I learned the noise became louder with a larger object. I studied all four containers that had different sizes, and I saw that the noise was louder in larger containers.

As I decided to create a makeshift outdoor surround sound speaker system I attached the speaker to the rainwater pipe. If I raised the volume too high, I could hear a rattling sound. The device created oscillations at frequencies that were too fast to create a pleasant sound. I lowered the volume and the noise was amplified at exactly the right volume. Music came out clear enough for an inexpensive makeshift surround sound system. I love the convenience of the product and look forward to using the product more. When I host a Baltimore Ravens football game party with my friends as well as with family, I can use the Rock-It 3.0 to amplify music indoors as well as outdoors. As long as I keep the noise below a certain level of vibrations, the music comes out very clear for an item under $20.

I love the potential this product has. Audio quality was iffy when I put the vibration system on certain objects. I found that the product did not amplify music well using some plastic items, but I could hear the amplified sound well on glass or metal. Some objects that had no lid, such as cups and bottles, did not amplify vibrations and sound, as well as the objects did that had a lid. I plan to continue experimenting with the product. I want to examine how the Rock-It 3.0 works with refrigerators and other gigantic objects.

I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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