I was raised in a very musical family. By age five, I was studying piano, and I continued on that path through middle school. My dad always played guitar in my home growing up, so as a little kid, I always would attempt to strum his guitars quickly when he wasn’t looking. In high school, I asked my father to teach me how to play guitar. I was frustrated after a couple instructional sessions and I didn’t stick with learning guitar. I was so focused on learning chords that I had a hard time learning strum patterns and rhythm. Recently I learned about the ChordBuddy guitar learning system, and I wrote a review of the adult ChordBuddy product as well as the ChordBuddy Jr., which I received for my oldest daughter.


Review of the Guitar Learning System

As I reviewed the adult product, I installed the item on my daughter’s entry level full size acoustic guitar. Installation was simple. After tightening the product, I double checked that the product lined up with the strings. Learning to play with the product was simple but did require reading the instructions and familiarizing myself with the instructional DVD. While studying, I learned to line my fingers up with my pinky on the blue button.

When I studied the instructional material, I learned which strings to strum with each chord. For example, I realized to strum all of the strings with the blue button and the yellow button, and I understood to strum 5 strings with the green button as well as 4 strings with the red button. Learning the names of the chords was difficult for me, but with more practice I was able to memorize the name that went with each chord. The most helpful thing about the learning system was that I was able to focus on learning the strum patterns. Because I didn’t have to put so much time into thinking about the chords, I understood more about the rhythm and strumming of the guitar than I ever had learned previously.

While reviewing the children’s product, I introduced the guitar to my daughter, who was thrilled to have a half size acoustic that she could hold and play. Because I studied the adult product first, I was able to instruct my daughter on how to use her guitar. Starting with the basics, I covered how to properly hold the guitar and how to hold the pick, which were covered in the DVD that accompanied the kid’s product. As I learned more with the adult product, I helped my daughter learn more with her guitar. My daughter was most frustrated about having to start with the basics, because she wanted to jump into playing 4-chord songs, but the ChordBuddy product helped to lessen her frustration.


My daughter, who was only 3 1/2 years old, was able to play several chords and to understand which strings to strum with each chord. If I had been teaching my daughter without the product, she would have gotten very frustrated about having to learn how to hold her fingers to make the chords. Wholeheartedly I felt that the guitar learning system was appropriate for young guitar learners, and I appreciated having the adult product to help me learn to teach my daughter guitar. In the future, I will plan to continue using the program as it was very effective and helped simplify the guitar learning process.

I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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