As an outgoing child, my daughter Samantha enjoys writing and performing songs for our family. Last Christmas, Samantha started using a kids’ karaoke machine to practice, which she regularly shares with her younger sister. Watching both girls sing brings my family so much joy. Now, I received a new portable PA system the Voicecaster from VocoPro. I knew the product would be a fun way for Samantha to perform her songs for the family. My husband used to custom build guitars and he has friends who work on amplifiers, so I felt that a PA system would be a neat addition to our music room. According to the company’s website, the product can also be a valuable tool in a teacher’s classroom. Although I am about to begin another year as a teacher, as the school year hasn’t started yet, I tried the product out in my home with my children to review it.

Portable PA System Review

During my review process, I examined several things. First, I looked at how easy assembly was. In the past, I had never owned a PA system, so I had no previous knowledge of putting a PA system together. You can see in the pictures, which I received from the company, the items that came: the speaker, a cord, the handheld microphone, a carrying case and the headset.

Portable PA SystemPortable PA System

Assembling the item was simple. Luckily, the product came with two 9V batteries. I appreciated that the batteries came with the item as it was convenient and saved me time. Only two parts of the product needed batteries, which were the handheld microphone, and the box that went with the headset. Putting the batteries in was simple. While putting the batteries into the product, I didn’t need to use screwdrivers to open or close any parts.

I assembled the product easily without help. Getting the item ready to use took less than ten minutes. The PA system came with a cord to plug into the speaker. I had an easy time plugging the cord in. All of the knobs and buttons on the speaker were simple to control and made sense to me immediately. Although I did quickly glance at the instructions, using the item was self explanatory.
Portable PA System Portable PA System

While using the VocoPro Voicecaster portable PA system, I tried it out with the handheld microphone. I thought the quality was excellent. I was able to walk from my living room to the far side of my kitchen before I went out of range. As the range was impressive, I felt that the PA system would work well in many different public speaking settings.

As I tried the product out, I also used the headset. I found that the headset microphone was effective and worked well. Although I noticed that the ON light didn’t show up very clearly, it didn’t affect the way the headset worked.

Another time I tried out the item was with Samantha, who practiced singing into the handheld microphone. Wholeheartedly, Samantha enjoyed having a cordless mic and she was enthusiastic to use the PA system to perform for the family. I plan to continue having my daughter practice her singing with the new cordless mic and PA system.

Using the portable PA system was a positive experience. I found that the item worked as advertised. I was grateful to have no problems with assembly as well as with learning to use the item. As a parent to an aspiring singer, I found that the product was a great addition to our music room. I anticipate using the item more in the future.

To purchase the product, visit the company’s website. Contact the company on Facebook and Twitter.

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I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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  1. Valerie

    My ten year old son would love to give a play-by-play when he’s watching sports! Being able to amplify his voice would be a lot of fun for him, I’m sure! 🙂

  2. Lisa

    One of my daughters is definitely a microphone kinda gal (not that she needs it). It can be hard finding one with decent sound and is robust enough for kids. This sounds like it’d do the trick.

  3. Jhanis

    My daughter would love this! She is singing ALL THE TIME! Too bad I can’t join the contest. 🙁

  4. Sharon Kaminski

    The kids would love this for karoke. This all love to sing.

  5. shawn s

    This would really come in handy at little league tournaments when there is a trophy presentation. That is how I would use this.

  6. Jill Myrick

    We would use this for home parties and for my husbands band that he plays in on weekends.


  7. Lesley F

    We own a small company and throw charity events for food pantries. This would be wonderful to have instead of trying to talk super loud all the time at the events!


    Would use this at the kids parties and just at home having a fun time


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