With shoes that are created in Menorca, Spain, PONS creates comfortable shoes for moms and little girls. I’m psyched to be able to match my shoes to my daughters’. Having a soft leather style, the shoes fit with the latest fashion trends. As an active mom, I’m always on the lookout for comfortable shoes. Manufactured by Avarcas USA, PONS shoes are practical shoes we can wear anywhere: walking, going to work, playing at the beach and running errands. I never sacrifice style for the sake of being practical, and with PONS, I don’t have to give up my fashion sense. While wearing the shoes, I feel confident that I look as great as I feel as I stay active.

Practical, Comfortable Shoes

Slipping my feet into the soft leather shoes, I instantly felt relaxed as I wore my woman’s Mediterranean Black shoes. Obviously I loved the fit and texture of the leather. As a mom, I liked that the shoes were low to the ground. I’m not the type to wear high heels as I run after my kids, which is why the shoes are perfect for me. When I wear the shoes, I can head to the grocery store, the park, or to my job. For career-focused women, the shoes are very practical for wearing to work. Personally, I thought the Mediterranean Black style looked very professional and could go with black slacks.

As a style-savvy mom, I always double check my daughter’s outfit. Wearing a kids’ Frailera Style French Blue shoe, my daughter, Samantha, had a casually elegant style. I dressed my daughter in jeans with a blazer, and the shoes looked very hip and relaxed. Later I dressed my daughter in a Layers Design DarkGrey JeanBourget dress from the Little Parisians online shop, and the shoes looked casually upscale. In almost no time, my daughter wore her shoes to play in the dirt. Obviously the shoes are the perfect mix of style and practicality.

For the adult pair, the shoes were comfortable and professional. I wore the shoes to work in a professional setting. I liked that the shoes looked nicer than the flip flops that some people wore to work without having a high maintenance look. If I bought another pair, I would get one of the more natural colors. I’ve seen some really pretty pictures of the neutral colored shoes with jeans, which look really hip.

Regarding my daughter’s pair, she wore the shoes non-stop for months. If I could pass the shoes on to my younger daughter, I would, but I don’t know if the shoes will be worn out beyond use by that point. The shoes don’t seem to get much wear and tear though, even with regular use. The bottoms look great. In the future, I plan to continue buying both daughters shoes from PONS.

Practical, Comfortable Shoes

Practical, Comfortable Shoes


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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