As my older daughter prepares for a new school year, I discovered a new style of shoes from the Chooze company. Each shoe is unique with a different pattern, but has similar colors. My daughter Samantha received a Mary Jane style of kids’ pink shoes called the Dance in Behave shoe. Clearly, the company carried shoes in a variety of colors, but pink was my daughter’s personal favorite. I liked that the shoes were useful and comfortable. Even though the shoes didn’t match, they had a fun style that was exciting for kids.

Kids’ Pink Shoes Review

When my daughter received the shoes, she was ecstatic about the style. Initially, I had wondered how unmatching shoes would work when paired with outfits. The soft pink color and slight variation in the pattern was very appealing. I found that the shoes worked well with different outfits, just as any shoes would. I never had to change my daughter’s outfit to work better with the pattern. Even a floral skirt and pink printed T-shirt looked nice with the shoes. The shoes were versatile and looked nice with different clothing options.

Photo of a girl in the kids' pink shoes

Samantha enjoyed her kids’ pink shoes!

Later, when my daughter came out with the family for breakfast, she was excited to wear the shoes. Even though the shoes looked a little bit big and were actually a size bigger than a lot of her other shoes, I was pleased to find that the sizing chart was actually completely accurate. The extra half an inch in the shoes gave Samantha room for growth, but never made her fall or trip. She walked around the shops at the Loveless Cafe and had a blast.

As a mom of two, I liked that the shoes had more than just a cute style. Clearly, the shoes worked well for walking and looked nice enough to wear to church as well as other events. The style could be dressed up with a skirt or dressed down with jeans. My daughter enjoyed the fun, bright pink color, which appealed to her interests.

Some pros of the shoes were that the sizing was accurate according to the sizing chart that the company offered. Kids like the style of the shoes. Having watched my daughter use the shoes, I can say that they work well for walking. In the future, I plan to bring the shoes on any vacations that require walking because they have a fun look and are practical.

Buy the shoes at the company’s website. To contact the company, connect via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

Chooze kids' pink shoes

Chooze kids’ pink shoes


I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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    You daughter is adorable! Those shoes look like they have a lot of great support on the soles.


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