As a mom, I’m always looking for food that appeals to my kids. In the past, I’ve made numerous, delicious meals that didn’t appeal to my daughters. For instance, the other night I gave my girls a tasty ham and cabbage dinner. The girls ate every last bit of their ham — and asked for more ham — but didn’t try the cabbage because it was different. Being a mom to picky eaters means that I have to find creative solutions. So after dinner, I let my daughters try some Canyon Bakehouse cranberry muffins, while my husband made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dessert with the Cinnamon Raisin bread.

Gluten-Free Bread Review

gluten-free muffin

Because my daughters are picky eaters, I was relieved when I discovered that they enjoyed the muffins. My girls were thrilled with the taste. My older daughter Samantha would have finished the entire muffin herself, so I asked her to share part of it with her younger sister Georgiana. Even though Georgiana didn’t eat most of the freshly cooked dinner that I had previously tried to feed her, she was ecstatic to eat the muffin.

To determine whether the muffins really were tasty, I tried a bite. I thought the taste was very good. A nice lemony taste gave the muffins more flavor. Cranberries added sweetness.

gluten-free muffin


To help evaluate the rest of the gluten-free bread, my husband Ryan was eager to try the Cinnamon Raisin bread with his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As the bread was a good size for kids or for appetizers, my husband made two sandwiches.  When Ryan gave his recommendation for the bread, I knew that it truly was good.

Another opportunity to try the gluten-free bread involved sampling the Mountain White bread in a delicious French Toast recipe for breakfast. The taste was delicious. My whole family was happy with the meal. Usually I don’t eat a lot of white bread because I prefer to eat more grains, but French Toast calls for white bread.

For lunch, the 7-grain bread went great with turkey and Swiss cheese. As I often eat Paleo, I’m incredibly picky about the type of breads that I eat because I don’t always need bread to make a meal complete. I eat bread when it tastes good and makes a meal complete, not just out of habit. The 7-grain bread had a healthy and delicious taste.

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I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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