Earlier this year, I wrote a review of a purple pair of Freshly Picked baby moccasins on Theresa’s Reviews. My daughter Georgiana has worn the shoes regularly for half a year now. I’ve noticed that the shoes stayed on well and had a good fit. After trying the purple moccasins out since July, I discovered that the purple color was starting to clash with some of the fall and winter clothing I was buying for my baby. When I dressed my baby in her orange dress for church last weekend, I realized I needed to buy some winter baby shoes in a neutral color. Now, because Georgiana sampled some black baby moccasins, I wanted to share what a great trend the shoes are for babies in the winter of 2014.

Review of the Winter Baby Shoes

winter baby shoes

I received the black shoes in the same size as my daughter’s last pair of moccasins, a size 5. The fit was excellent, while leaving enough room for Georgiana to grow. Some extra room in the toes made the shoes comfortable without the shoes being too loose. Around the ankles, the shoes stayed on with stretchy elastic, which helped them stay snug, without being too tight. Georgiana was all smiles and she was clearly excited about her new moccasins.

winter baby shoes

So far, I’ve already gotten way more use out of the black moccasins than I was recently getting out of the purple moccasins because the shoes go with more clothing. Georgiana’s only other pair of shoes is a pair of brown sandals, so the cold weather made the new, black shoes an absolute necessity. Last weekend, I had to pair brown sandals with socks to keep Georgiana warm, but I knew the solution was only temporary as the snow will come so soon. The moccasins will help keep my baby’s feet warm all winter long.

Moccasins are cute, age appropriate, and stylish, so the pair of shoes would be a fun addition to any baby’s closet. Even though black shoes aren’t seasonal year round, such as in the warmer months, they make the perfect addition to any fall and winter outfit. I picture the shoes going well with outfits for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. When the cold weather is over, I plan to switch back to the purple moccasins for spring to add a little color to Georgiana’s wardrobe.

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