Years ago, I lived in Ormond Beach. As I attended Flagler College of St. Augustine, Florida, I spent my weekends enjoying the beautiful surroundings when I wasn’t studying to get into graduate school. Swimming in the pool and hot tub in my local community were my favorite free activities, but I also explored nature parks, the Daytona Loop, and the piers. Now, I live far from Florida, but Ormond Beach remains my favorite spot for recreation. White sands and lush, green views will always call me back to visit.

Free Activities Near Ormond Beach, Florida


Tomoka State Park

With 1,800 acres of land, Tomoka State Park once was the home of Native Americans who found sustenance in the lagoons. Take a stroll on the walking paths that overlook the water. Keep an eye out for wildlife, as you might spy over 160 species of birds and the endangered West Indian manatee. Hop on a boat or canoe to cruise the waters. Overnight stays are welcome. I would wholeheartedly recommend spending a day at the park, as I had a blast there. Visit at 2099 North Beach St., Ormond Beach, Florida.

Walk the Streets of St. Augustine, Florida

Downtown St. Augustine, Florida is only about 40 minutes away from Ormond Beach. St. George Street is world famous for having several houses important to the history of the area, as well as some excellent restaurants. Go on a walking tour. My favorite spot in St. Augustine was the cafeteria of the local college, Flagler College. As Flagler College is an old hotel, you will be impressed by the Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass, beautiful ceilings, and elegant architecture.

Visit the Daytona Beach Pier

Stroll on the beach at the Daytona Beach Pier. Personally, I visited to go to Joe’s Crab Shack, but there’s lots of free things to do here too. Experience the Florida lifestyle and fish for free on the east end of the pier, where you don’t need a fishing license. Visit at 1200 Main Street, Daytona Beach, Florida.

Fortunato State Park

Across from the Rockefeller Gardens, Fortunato State Park has 2.6 acres and overlooks the Halifax River. Visit the playground or have a picnic. Located in the park, the Ormond Hotel Cupola is worth the visit as a historic landmark. Head to the park from 6am to 10pm at 2 John Anderson Drive, Ormond Beach, Florida.

Drive the Daytona Loop

Motorcyclists can have a blast driving The Daytona Loop, which starts at the Granada Bridge, goes over the Halifax River, and heads to Old Dixie Highway. If you drive the loop, you’ll pass gorgeous Florida countryside, overlooking lush scenes of trees and water. Traveling by the Tomoka State Park, you’ll drive with trees hanging over your motorcycle.

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  1. Jess Benoit

    We live about 35 minutes from Daytona & New Smyrna Beach! St. Augustine is beautiful but we will have to check out your other suggestions. Thanks!

  2. Carrie Chance

    I am nowhere near Florida but this is great to know if I ever find myself in the area. Our vacations consist of as many free activities as possible.


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