If you know a baby you need to buy a Christmas gift for this year, featured in this gift guide are some of the top gift ideas for babies. Since new mothers can often get overshadowed by the adorable bundle of joy they bring into the world, you can also find a couple gifts to make the mom feel special too. 

Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

Whether you are shopping for a boy or a girl, these gifts are sure to bring out adorable grins for all the right reasons. From food preparation gifts to play pens, you can find a gift to fit any budget.

Food Preparation Gifts

One of the most useful items for saving money when you’re a new parent would be for baby food preparation. With the Baby Bullet, you can make and store food for any stage of your baby’s development. Not only is making the food cost effective, but it’s also a way to guarantee that you know every ingredient your child is eating. If you like organic, natural ingredients, you will love that you can feed your child the freshest, healthiest meals.

Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

When your baby can eat solid foods, a steamer is helpful for making sure that vegetables are cooked well and without extra oils. You can also use a steamer to cook the food before pureeing it with the Baby Bullet. I like that the Baby Bullet Steamer is small and won’t get in the way on your kitchen counter. Steaming the food also saves time because you can toss the food in and walk away, instead of waiting at the stove to watch the food cook.

Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

If you’re shopping for a frugal mom or a mom who loves all organic products, buy food preparation items to help mom save time and money, while providing only the best for the little.

Wrap The Loveliest Gift Of All In Comfortable Swaddles

Keep the baby warm with a luxurious, comfortable swaddle. When you swaddle the baby, it can help calm the baby, and it provides an extra layer of warmth. With the Nature Collection from Ollie Swaddle, you can help replicate what the womb was like with the soft, moisture-wicking fabric. 

Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

Not only does swaddling provide benefits for the baby, but it also has benefits for the parents. With less crying, you can have a better chance to bond with your baby. I learned when both of my children were infants that it’s worth it to try anything (from taking your child outside to giving a pacifier) to get your child to calm down and stop crying. Swaddling with the Ollie Swaddle is easy to do with the Velcro closure, to help simplify mom’s life.

Keep Things Simple With A Gift Set

Gift sets are a simple way to give something thoughtful. Usually gift sets come with matching items that have a similar theme. For example, the Petite Namaste bib and burp cloth sets come in a variety of adorable prints and colors. From bright colors to neutrals, you can find something any mom would love. While you can also just get the bib sets, burp clothes are immensely helpful when you have a newborn.

Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

For another practical idea, buy the SOZO gift set, which comes with a onesie, a hat, and a security blanket, to keep the baby warm, comfortable, and happy. With fun themes such as owls, puppies, lambs, and more, babies will look adorable wearing these cute items. Not only are the items practical for a newborn, but they are also very eye catching.

Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

When you buy a gift set, you don’t have to do as much work picking out different items that go together. These two gift sets are practical and adorable, and they would make moms happy.

Keep Baby Secure In A Fun Play Pen

Having a safe, secure place to set the baby down can help put your mind at ease. Play yards aren’t just for traveling. You can use a play yard in a part of your home where you don’t have a crib or a swing. For a fun day outside, you can set up the Primo Baby Play Yard Cabana in your yard or on the go.

Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

With a cabana cover and sun-proof fabric, the Play Yard Cabana is a relaxing place for the baby to rest even outside on a sunny day. Since you can even fit two children in it (under age 3), the play yard will be useful for years to come.

Make Teething Less Painful With Teethers

Teething is such a pain for a baby! Help alleviate the aches and pains with a teether. If you’re looking for a teething product that doesn’t require constant parental supervision, the Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten is a good choice. Since the mitten fits to baby’s hand, you don’t have to worry about the mitten falling and getting lost. This can work well when you’re on the go, especially on a long drive or when you’re running errands. 

Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

If you add pacifiers to your gift, don’t forget the paci clip! Itzy Ritzy sells adorable paci clips, like this lumberjack style that matches the moccasins I featured in the next section. You simply attach the pacifier to the paci clip. When the pacifier falls out of the baby’s mouth, it won’t go far. With bright red coloring, this style goes with any Christmas outfit, and it looks nice on boys and girls.

Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

Bring some relief to the baby’s aching gums with teething products. Even if you aren’t sure what type of teething products the baby will take to, it’s well worth it to try different types out and see which style is preferred.

Delightful Shoes For A Beautiful Little One

Even though newborns don’t need to wear shoes yet, an adorable pair of shoes looks sweet for photos and special holiday events. For the holiday season, check out Itzy Ritzy moccasins in the lumberjack style. The plaid, bright red moccasins look stylish with any Christmas outfit, for boys and for girls. I love that they aren’t what you would expect to see in holiday photos, and I can imagine many fun, creative ways to style them.

Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

The shoes you get for your newborn are the kind you can keep in your box of baby memorabilia for years to come. Unlike the shoes your toddler and preschooler wear, these shoes will stay pristine.

Remember A Gift For Mom Too!

When a new baby comes along, moms can easily get overlooked. Add in something, even a small gift for mom, to show that she’s appreciated. 

For a thoughtful gift idea for a health conscious mom, check out the NutriBullet PRO. When you’ve recently had a baby, there’s pressure to lose the baby weight, but you have to maintain a healthy diet to keep up your energy. When you make a smoothie with the NutriBullet, you can extract nutrients and get the best of unprocessed ingredients. Items as tough as carrots will get torn apart and turn into a delicious drink. Add fruits, vegetables, some yogurt and milk, and even a dash of honey or stevia. The result is not only tasty, but also good for you.

Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

Another idea is a gift card to Undercover Waterwear. While the company carries cute styles for kids, you can also get tasteful swimwear for women. After having a baby, swimming offers great exercise and is a good mood booster. When you don’t feel ready to squeeze into a swimsuit, this swimwear offers excellent coverage to make you more comfortable when you’re in and around the water.Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

When you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for a new mom, remember that mom matters too. As much as she’ll adore fun baby items, even a small item for mom will make her feel great!


One lucky mom will win this entire bundle!

  • Moccasins and Paci Clip from Itzy Ritzy (ARV $43)
  • Primo Baby Play Yard Cabana (ARV $199.99)
  • Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten (ARV$19.99)
  • Undercover Waterwear $60 gift card
  • 1 Ollie Swaddle Nature Collection swaddle (ARV $59)
  • Baby Bullet (ARV $59.99)
  • Baby Bullet Steamer (ARV $24.98)
  • NutriBullet (ARV $99.99)
  • Petite Namaste a bib set or bib and burp cloth set (winner’s choice) (ARV $38)
  • SOZO gift set (winner’s choice) (ARV $35)

Total approximate value: $640!
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Ultimate Gift Guide & Giveaway For The New Baby (and Mom!)

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  1. candy

    We gave our daughter a baby bullet several years ago. It has been through three children and it was one of the best gifts she ever received.

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    Omgoodness! I want the baby bullet (this is great!). It’s needed for my g-tube dependent toddler. She’s getting there, but I hate having to “buy” the gerber food that’s available This will very helpful in making my own. And, I know it’s for teething… but I’m so glad it was listed on this page. I need the yummy mittens for teething. It’s actually a great way for her to learn how to chew on those things (and it looks so cute!). Saving this on my “things to buy” list. Love it!

  3. Savannah

    We got the baby bullet when I was pregnant, and it was sooooo handy! I still use it today, 19 months later. I didn’t know about the steamer though, that looks AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing <3

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    I had a baby bullet and made my daughter healthy food, it’s the best gift!! That play pen looks so fun. I have some friends that are new mom’s and would love all of this!!

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    I LOVE the mitten!!! had never seen them before and it looks like a great teether!! will be looking out for it online!

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    I just had a baby in September and would LOVE to win this bundle! I especially like the fun playpen. With two other small children, I am going to need to contain my babe once she becomes mobile.

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    What a great idea! I wish I knew someone having a little one sometime soon! I’ll have to keep some of these in mind for when that occasion arises, especially the bullet!

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    Such great ideas, especially not forgetting mom! And those owls are so super cute. I think I want to get a Nutribullet for my hubby.

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    Such a wonderful giveaway and gift guide! I have a friend who’s a new mom, she would love this.

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    Oh this is so great!!! I am pregnant with my first! I have the baby bullet and am soooo excited to use it ! But gosh I need that steamer! Thanks for sharing!
    Danielle | AccordingtoD.com

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    We had that baby bullet for our little ones and I LOVED it. I try to get one for every new mom I know and those shoes are too cute! This is a great a gift guide!

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    Ooooh! Great list!
    I have just had my third baby and some of these products I have never even heard about before!
    Would love to get the food prep kit and the teething mittens!!

  13. Jeanine

    That fun play tent is pretty much the most awesome product I have seen! That is awesome, what a great list! I need to find myself one of those for my littles!

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    That baby bullet is a genius machine! I had no idea this existed, but it looks like an essential if you have a little one to feed them healthy food!

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    Oh my goodness! This giveaway is crazy awesome!! You covered just about everything that baby needs: the Bullet, moccs, play pen, and even an adorable outfit for mom! That play pen is perfect 🙂

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    Oh those little moccasins are the cutest! If only I had a little girl 🙂 This list is great!

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    I am obsessed with those plaid moccasins!!! What a great giveaway for a new mom or mom to be!

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    Great gift guide! I have friends who are mommies and so I’m always trying to find gifts for them so thank you for these ideas!

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    This list of gift ideas is awesome! Love that you also included gifts for moms and not to mention this amazing giveaway! Wow!

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    Wow! What an amazing giveaway! Makes me wish my son was still a baby so I could have the chance to win all that great stuff. They are such wonderful essentials for the new mom.

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    Awesome giveaway! I have a 6 month old, that is teething right now so that teething mitt is looking pretty good right now ;)!

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    Awesome giveaway to go with these great ideas. I am about to be a new Mom again in a few weeks and its always fun to know the must have products.

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    What a wonderful gift guide giveaway for a new mom! I wish I knew the safe play before when my son was a baby. I have a friend who will appreciate these.

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    I absolutely love moccs for my babies! I don’t buy them anything else. Moccs stay on!

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    This is an awesome giveway. It will definitely come handy to the new moms out there. The Nutribullet is my favorite.

  27. nicole

    Great ideas! I love the food preparation seems very important for every mom to have one.

  28. Lisa | The Merry Momma

    I love my Baby Bullet!! I’ve heard so many people say, “Just use a blender.” No. It is so much better than a regular blender for baby food. I definitely got my money’s worth out of it!


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