Mothers feel resourceful when they get items they need, but it’s also nice to surprise them with something special that makes them feel pampered as a woman. One shopping tip is to get one of each (a luxury item and a practical item) or possibly get items that can combine utility with indulgence.

Gifts Moms Would Love

When you shop for mom this holiday season, there’s always the hard decision of finding something unique that mom wants and that she’ll actually use. To help you out this year, check out these top gift ideas from Theresa’s Reviews.

Jewelry For The Stylish Mom

First, if you’re shopping for a sophisticated mom who loves items that look worldly, check out the Byzantine-Russian Filigree Earring Set in silver from Gallery Byzantium. These solid sterling silver earrings are gorgeous for a night out, while they would also look nice in the workplace.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide For Moms

Gallery Byzantium Byzantine-Russian filigree earring set (small silver), $65

Not only is this earring set beautiful, but it also comes with a meaningful message that makes it ideal for the sophisticate. Whether you are shopping for a history buff, someone religious, or someone appreciative of different cultures, the earrings have a special appeal because of their background. As you can see below in the note that comes with the earrings, the design is inspired by the Czar’s hand carved wooden chair in the church of St. Nicholas-Mokry at Jaroslav, from the 17th century.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide For Moms

Gallery Byzantium Byzantine-Russian filigree earring set (small silver), $65

For a sparkly, festive idea, give the Sterling Silver Snowflake Mini Charm on a Sterling Silver 18″ Fine Chain from Helen Ficalora. This gift is ideal for women who truly love Christmas. With the snowflake charm, you give a reminder of special holiday memories you have shared. Remind her of your favorite winter moments together, or promise her more in the future, with this beautiful necklace.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide For Moms

Helen Ficalora sterling silver snowflake mini charm, $65, on a sterling silver 18″ fine chain, $45

Jewelry is a luxurious gift that will show mom how incredible you think she is. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated piece or a bright token of the holidays, choose meaningful jewelry to make the most of your gift.

Photo Gifts For The Sentimental Mom

Next, for a unique gift idea that also serves a practical purpose, buy a photo gift that doubles as home decor. One original idea would be custom printed, organic cotton photo pillow cases with the feather pillow insert from Narrative Decor. You can create beautiful reminders of a favorite vacation with a scenic view printed on a pillow. I tried this out with a photo from my summer vacation to St. Augustine, Florida. The result was even more spectacular and exquisite than I could have imagined. Each detail from the photo printed beautifully.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide For Moms

Narrative Decor custom square canvas pillow case with feather pillow insert, $88

Another impressive photo gift would be a large glass print (or a set of several) from Fracture. With the glass prints, you get a clean, classic look. Not having a frame makes the photos stand out more and brings attention to their colors. I own three large Fracture prints of my children at their first Disney World vacation. Since I was proud to take my children on their dream vacation, the photo prints were special to me.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide For Moms

Fracture photo print in large, $85

When you buy a photo gift, not only is it a special way to remember a moment in time, but it also serves a practical purpose in your home.

Organic Meals For The Foodie

If you want a special treat for a mom who is a total foodie, check out the food delivery service from Sun Basket. In your order, you get organic, non-GMO ingredients that go with incredible recipes delivered right to your door. Each week, you can try out food from different countries and master a new culinary skill. To make the service convenient for all, there are paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian options.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide For Moms

Sun Basket Chef’s Choice plan of three meals for four people, $103

I tried out two different week’s recipes, and I loved the style of food Sun Basket sent me. The food was appealing and it tasted good. Ordering from a food deliver service is a fun way to try new ingredients and different styles of food, while becoming a more versatile cook.

Technology For Moms On The Go

Working moms love technology that helps them connect with their children. Invoxia has an interesting product called Triby, a smart portable speaker with Alexa voice service. With Triby, you can call the device from outside your home, and vice versa. The device offers a way to stay connected to your child without the safety problems that cell phones have. Since the device is secure, you can only call someone in your Triby network. While you can listen to the radio and ask Alexa questions, it is much safer for children than a device that has internet and app access.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide For Moms

Triby in blue, $209

My three year old loves to call me with the device when she misses me. I like that I can send a note to the device. Even when I can’t pick up my phone, I can remind her how much I love her. Overall, Triby is a nice way for moms on the go to stay connected to their families.

Handbags For Practical Moms

Handbags serve many purposes. Not only can handbags be fashion statements, but they are also practical. Whether you are traveling, going to work, or waiting for your child to finish dance practice, there are many times when a large handbag is useful.

Haiku Bags offers the Wisdom Work tote that is large enough to fit a laptop. Another advantage is that the tote offers multiple compartments to help you stay organized. I use this bag on the weekends when I’m waiting for my daughter to finish dance practice. With everything I need on hand, I can write and edit photos. There’s even plenty of room for magazines and books too.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide For Moms

Haiku wisdom work tote in cactus, $110

For working moms, you can buy a tote bag with an inspiring message about their profession. One good example is the baby boat tote from Teacher Peach. Moms can feel really good about themselves to know that leaving the house to work not only benefits them, but others as well. With a genuine message about how meaningful the teaching profession is, any mom who teaches would feel special to receive this. Not only is the tote bag inspirational, but it is also spacious and durable.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide For Moms

Teacher Peach baby boat tote, $34.95

Cozy Clothes For The Hardworking Mom

If you want to recognize the hard work mom does, buy cozy clothes she can cuddle up in at the end of a long day. From sweaters to comfy stretch pants, clothes are both practical and luxurious.

Mom’s who love travel will adore Happiest Tee sweatshirts that pay homage to incredible locations around the world (including Paris, Italy, New York City, Los Angeles, and more). Made with a soft, terry fabric, the Happiest in Nashville Ashton Sweatshirt is soft enough to wear as pajamas, while it represents a city that means a lot to me. This scoop neck shirt has long sleeves, also comes in blue, and is manufactured in the United States.


Happiest in Nashville Ashton Sweatshirt

When you buy your holiday gifts this year, remember to make moms feel special not only as mothers, but also as women. With a dash of luxury combined with utility, your gifts will be much appreciated.

For in depth reviews of items featured above and a giveaway of the Helen Ficalora snowflake charm necklace, check out the following on Theresa’s Reviews.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide

For more holiday gift ideas, follow Theresa’s Reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flipboard and Youtube.

2016 Theresa's Reviews Holiday Gift Guide


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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Theresa has been writing since 2010 in magazines and online. Her lifestyle and parenting expertise has been featured in publications, including ShopSmart and Scholastic. She earned an M.Ed in Elementary Education from Vanderbilt as well as a BA in History from Flagler College, and she is a certified teacher.

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  1. Dana Vento

    Mostly I like is stylish earrings and necklace. These are brilliant gift ideas for women.

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    My perfect gifts have to do with time. Either doing something I love together with my family (going on a bike ride to somewhere new), NOT doing something i like (a free pass on dishes for one week), or time to go do something solo.

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    I am loving that jewelry. Some of the best gifts are the most simple and heartfelt. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It’s the thought behind it that counts for me as a mom.

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    These are all perfect gifts for ANYONE. I love that they are so easily versatile and I know for a fact my mom would love every single one. She’s a sucker for photo gifts. 🙂 We just gave her a huge canvas print of the family at my wedding for her birthday!

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    As a fellow mum i understand this well. I buy myself what i need, but not necessarily what i’d like. As i am a single mum, i don’t buy myself much. But this year for Christmas i have bought myself some lovely goodies, because i deserve them.

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    I think that’s an awesome gift guide, I like the bag, it’s large enough to have everything in it! Thanks for this list, I can think of some mom friends who would like these for Christmas!

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