Voted one of the top 100 salons by Elle Magazine, Element Salon is located on Richard Jones Road in Green Hills in Nashville, TN. I recently learned that my favorite salon Element Salon is voted one of the top 100 salons by Elle Magazine two years in a row. I have been lucky to experience the haircuts at Element Salon first hand for myself as well as for my daughter Samantha. I learned about Element Salon because I was following upscale children’s hair care line Hot Tot on Facebook. As my daughter Sammy was voted Miss Hot Tot by the followers of Hot Tot on Facebook, I wanted to show support for the Hot Tot brand by getting a children’s haircut at Element Salon.

Element Salon Review: Hair Stylist Raquel Christie

As I watched my daughter Sammy get her hair cut, I had an excellent experience. I could tell that Sammy was relaxed. My husband picked out hair stylist Raquel Christie. I loved how Raquel went the extra mile to keep Sammy happy. Stylist Raquel asked me to have Sammy sit in my lap for some of the haircut. As Sammy learned to relax for her spa day, Raquel gave Sammy a shampoo and conditioning rinse.

I had two family members come with me so we could make the haircut a special event for Sammy. I really liked that the staff was very friendly toward my family and welcomed pictures of our toddler haircut. Element Salon is located next to a toy store and a sandwich shop so Sammy loved that she got a toy before the haircut and a kids’ meal after the haircut. I loved the haircut that stylist Raquel gave Sammy. I could tell that Sammy’s hair was cut with great precision and effort.


As I recently graduated from Vanderbilt University and prepared for a job search, I got a woman’s haircut at Element. I was excited to use stylist Raquel. I had an excellent experience at Element for a woman’s haircut. I felt that Raquel gave my hair great body and shape. Stylist Raquel took off the right length and spent a lot of time working on the style. I would wholeheartedly recommend Element Salon as well as my stylist.

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