You don’t have to be a grinch to admit that the holidays are a stressful time of of year. Don’t the holidays bring out the worst in everyone from time to time? In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, double check that you take a moment for yourself. You can spread far more joy if you make yourself a priority.

The “Me Time” Reminder You Need Over Winter

Moms have so many roles during the holidays. From mastering key recipes to party planning, buying gifts and sending cards, you can take on too much! The second a recipe goes wrong or the party doesn’t go as planned, you can find yourself completely drained of energy during a time of year when you should be all smiles.

Give Yourself A Reason To Be Merry

Savor this time. The holidays are filled with the most special memories. When you see the light and wonder in your children’s eyes as they embrace the sentiments of the holiday, let this be a reminder to join in with them.

During the holidays, we’ve all been there when we’re so tired and drained that we don’t want to be in the impromptu photos people snap at get togethers. Remember, your children will love looking back at these memories and seeing you there.

To feel and look your best in family snapshots, make yourself a priority. Plan a special weekend away with the family (or leave the children with the grandparents), make a schedule to keep up exercise, and occasionally, splurge on yourself.

Treat Yourself This Holiday Season

As you’re scoping out the best deals on kids’ toys, buy yourself a treat too. Then, if you wake up Christmas morning to yet another pair of socks and pajamas (and your children’s delightful arms wrapped around you), you’ll remember what you’re the most grateful for this holiday season. 

My reminder to take care of myself came as a hidden blessing in disguise on a cold fall morning. In a rush to get out the door, I set up the coffee maker wrong. By the time I came back downstairs, the coffee was brewing all over with the coffee grinds spilling everywhere.

Even though I had wanted to leisurely move through my morning at a slow pace, I raced up the stairs and urged Samantha to get ready as fast as possible. When she had her cereal and her hair was done, we left 20 minutes earlier than usual, and we had a special mom and me date at Starbucks.

Holiday Season "Me Time" Reminder & Helen Ficalora Jewelry Giveaway - Found on Theresa's Reviews - - Christmas

On most days if this catastrophe had happened, I would have been a mess. This morning, I had made a special effort to look nice for no reason at all.

Helen Ficalora’s Holiday Jewelry

In my never-before-worn Nordstrom dress and a brand new, delightful Helen Ficalora snowflake necklace, I didn’t mind at all. Our special morning coffee date was a carefree time we could bond over our beverages (a strawberry drink for her) and share a few smiles before we both went off to start our day.

Holiday Season "Me Time" Reminder & Helen Ficalora Jewelry Giveaway - Found on Theresa's Reviews - - Christmas

Remember, a happy mom means happy children and a happy family. Your attitude makes a big difference. Keep a positive outlook on life, despite the stresses of the holiday, by making yourself a priority.

For me, spending a few extra minutes getting ready in the morning makes a big difference in how I approach my day. Simply wearing a dazzling snowflake charm from Helen Ficalora made my day a little brighter. The necklace was a great reminder of the meaning of the holiday season, and that this is a time to share loving moments with the family we care about the most.


When you get overwhelmed in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, remember to set aside “Me Time” because you matter too. Whether you splurge on coffee or jewelry, or simply give yourself permission to do nothing for 15 minutes, putting yourself first from time to time can help you have much more cheer to spread this holiday season.


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Holiday Season "Me Time" Reminder & Helen Ficalora Jewelry Giveaway - Found on Theresa's Reviews - - Christmas

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  1. shelah

    How nice to have a mommy daughter date even after the coffee debacle. The necklace is a really beautiful way to treat yourself after a hard day of parnting.

  2. Bria | Tendril Wild Blog

    “Give yourself a reason to be merry.”

    Yesssss. This. Amid all the hustle and bustle and added stress during the holiday season, I think many people forget that this season is a time to be joyous and enjoy each other. Often, we only think about the unpleasant aspects of the holidays (society’s commercialism, stress, overextending ourselves for all the activities, etc.), when we should really be focusing on the good things.

  3. Shahira

    ooo. That necklace looks so nice!

    Really, I am prioritizing myself over anything these days. Martyr parenting does get over our head one day!

  4. Kari

    Yes, Me time is so important all year round, but this time of year helps to slow down a bit and take the time. Great post!

  5. Preschool2teen

    This is necklace is cute, my daughter would try taking it. I believe every mommy needs some time just for her. It really does make a difference.


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