One of the neatest things about running this website is getting to know entrepreneurs and to support their businesses. Over the summer, after running my Wedding Gifts for Friends article, I received a huge compliment, a short email from a PR agent that I had done so much to encourage new entrepreneurs just starting out in their businesses. That’s when it hit me. Bloggers have an immense amount of power to make the conscious choice to nourish a business and to help develop a business’ reputation. I love supporting small businesses, so that’s why I sat down with online business Adore Your Closet owner Holly Diederich for an email interview.

 5 Questions with Adore Your Closet Owner Holly Diederich

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1.) You have a great wealth of information about you on your Our Story page. Tell us in no more than 5 words what your website is like. Trendy girl’s clothing ages 0-14
2.) What inspired you to start your own business? How do you find work/life balance?

I’ve always had an entrepreneur spirit and I used that to leverage my corporate career in HR/Recruiting Management.  I would always be known for thinking outside of the box and being creative.  When I transitioned into a Consulting role, I found that I excelled at digging into small businesses and finding ways to improve them, even outside of HR/Recruiting.  I started to get more involved with Marketing, Branding, Social Media and PR too which was very interesting to me.  I’ve always had an online boutique business in my head, if someone asked me one of those questions, “if you could start your own business what would it be?” I had the answer all mapped out in my mind- an online women’s clothing boutique.  After I had my daughter, at an early age she fell in love with clothes and fashion and I thought, maybe that’s what I should do.  There was more of a need in the community I lived in for unique girl’s clothing and online there was less competition.  I begged and pleaded my husband, and he gave me an opportunity to go for my dream.  He took on a second job and I turned my dining room into a warehouse.  Who formally entertains these days anyways?
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As far as work/life balance, that is a daily struggle for me.  I’m a mom of two ( Braelynn, 3 and Kaiden 1) so they are still at a very needy age.  Since I’m a one woman show, I do everything as far as the website, social media, marketing, accounting, merchandising, etc my to-do list is never ending.  I typically put the kids to bed and I’m working until early hours of the morning and trying to fit in day time stuff as I am able.  My husband is really supportive.  I also learned that burning myself out is and not getting sleep doesn’t do me any good because then I’m not productive, it’s a cat and mouse game between work and sleep.  I survive on coffee and dreams.
3.) Do you have any specific social media strategies for building relationships with your customers? Absolutely.  My major strategy for all my marketing is through social media. I do have a pretty loyal following through Facebook, IG and I’m working on growing Twitter too. I love to involve my customers in my company and have them help me make decisions, such as ” you be the buyer” or introduce them to a fabulous company that I’ve partnered with and have a fun giveaway.  It’s all about the customers, everything I do is for them!
4.) Describe how your daily life goes owning an online store. What do you spend most of your time doing? There is no daily routine with me!  Every day is so different, right now I’m spending a lot of my time improving my website since that is the key to my business. I also spend a lot of my time with my social media and posting for my customers.
5.) Any tips for inspiring entrepreneurs? I would say, do your research.  Have a business plan, a game plan and talk to people who have done it before.  I wouldn’t recommend jumping into anything before you do the homework.  The time you put in before you launch will only help you grow smarter.

Picks from Adore Your Closet

Holly’s company was also featured in my Girls’ Gift Guide for the adorable Short Khaki Boots. These make an awesome Christmas gift for girls! The rustic style is totally on trend this year.khaki_booties__69320.1442424864.1280.1280

The company also specializes in a huge range of beautiful dresses for girls! Check out the Boho Navy Diamond dress.


These are a couple of my favorite picks from the company! Visit the company and let me know, what are your favorite styles? Share in the comments section below!

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