Shopping last minute for some key people on your list? During the Christmas season, it can be difficult to budget your time and money to include everyone. Shop for your relatives while you still can. Food gifts are a classic, but there are plenty of other fun ideas for your whole extended family! Check out a few of my favorite ideas.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives

Food Gifts for the Family

Delicious meals, savory snacks, and delightful treats are a hallmark of the holiday season. Food gifts work for almost anyone in your extended family: grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. One incredible food gift is the Bauli Panettone and the Pandoro, which also comes with a lemon filling. These traditional Italian cakes are amazing with coffee or as dessert. The size of each cake is excellent, while the flavor greatly impressed me. Since preparing the cakes was simple and quick, it would make a great gift for a family.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews -

For an elegant gift basket, buy from Suzie’s Gourmet Gifts. I tried the Time to Celebrate basket, and it absolutely brought a celebration to the household. The festively flavored biscotti was amazing with my coffee each weekend morning. Although my husband ate most of the brownie truffles, I had a bite, and they were truly delicious. I also liked the brownie crisps that had a refreshing taste after dinner. Now, I’ve eaten through half the bag of the scrumptious, chai flavored cookies that pair well with coffee. My kids loved the treats too! Whole families would enjoy this basket.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews -

Surprise someone from a distance with a Coolhaus Sammie of the Month subscription. With surprising flavor combinations, these desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth. The snickerdoodle cookie with salted caramel ice cream is my favorite combination. Each month, the ice cream stuffed cookies are delivered when you sign up for the subscription. This is a nice way to show someone that you care, even if you are located far away during the holidays.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews -

Another sweet treat is the seasonal holiday package from Gotta Have S’more. Before eating, you microwave the s’more for about 10 seconds. The chocolate bottom begins to slightly melt, and the marshmallow gets gooey. I haven’t had a s’more in ages, and I was very happy with it. When my daughter ate some, she was all smiles. Check out my Instagram for a photo of her enjoying her dessert.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews -

For another food gift perfect for the holidays, buy Pepperidge Farm cookies and snacks. I received a large gift basket from the company, filled with cookies and crackers. Creating a similar gift basket would be simple with the snacks and cookies that you can easily buy at the grocery store. This is a convenient gift idea that’s simple to create last minute, for the unexpected guest on Christmas.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews -

Shopping for someone with more of a savory tooth than a sweet tooth? Buy the Tender Belly  Ultimate Bacon Goodness package. The bacon comes in maple cured, dry-rub uncured Habanero, and dry-rub uncured maple. I had a lot of fun putting the bacon in different recipes. Since the bacon is thick and high quality, it works well in meals as well as by itself with breakfast.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews -

Another simple gift idea that doesn’t require overnight shipping on dry ice is the Koe 5 piece kitchen utensil set. Kitchen utensils can easily get damaged over time, making them a great item to replace for a family member’s kitchen. The material these are made out of is really strong. I’ve been using these instead of the ones I’ve had for five years, and they work great.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews -

Gifts for the Newlywed Couple

Buy Gnoments as a humorous gift a newlywed couple would enjoy. This lighthearted gift will encourage romantic rendezvous, long after the honeymoon is over. Check out my Instagram to see how happy the gnomes made me! I set them up by the kitchen, one morning when my husband had to take a calculus exam, and he surprised me the next afternoon with a sweet note. The story of the gnomes is that they’ve been married for hundreds of years, so they know how to teach couples how to make relationships work.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews -

Gifts for Cousins and Aunts

Bath and body sets make excellent gifts for cousins and aunts. This past week, Savannah Bee Majesty Gift Sets have been on sale BOGO 50% off at Target, ending on Saturday, December 12th. Shopping deals is a great way to get presents for all your relatives this holiday season! I adore the lip balm that has become my new favorite. The smell is refreshing, and the product goes on smoothly without greasy residue. I love the blackberry rose scent, and I’d also highly recommend the delicious Tupelo honey scent.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews -

Gifts for Nieces and Nephews

Appeal to the interests of the parents, while also engaging the kids. For example, a good gift idea for children of parents who love to fly airplanes would be EAA Merchandise, like the pilot bear plush toy and the girl power puzzle. The parents will love playing with the kids, which will make the kids thrilled. Plus, the bear’s outfit is adorable, and the puzzle sends a strong message to girls.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews -

Another gift that integrates the whole family is a Fitivities game set. This game gets the whole family up and moving with activities that encourage gross motor skill. Play the game inside in the winter and outside in the summer. You can play with up to 24 players, so the entire family can play over your holiday celebrations. This is a fun way to encourage physical activities and family bonding.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews - Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews -

Know a little girl or boy heading to preschool this year? Buy a Dabbawalla Bags for preschool and toddlers. These are the cutest backpacks. Made with a soft material, the bags are excellent for kids because the straps will feel light on their shoulders. The size of the backpack was just right for my younger daughter who is almost three years old. It’s going to work great for her to head to preschool next year.

Holiday Gifts for Relatives - Theresa's Reviews -

What gifts are you getting your relatives this year? My biggest tip, if you have a big family is to shop sales to get the most for your money without sacrificing quality. Share your tips below in the comments section!


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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