Have you heard about the Teal Pumpkin Project? It’s a neat idea helpful to all kids dealing with allergies on Halloween. Kids with allergies should get treats they can actually enjoy. Allergies can be incredibly frightening to deal with for parents and children. Buy treats that all kids can enjoy. If you’re participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project, you can hang a poster outside your home to show that you’re giving away allergy-free items, or you can place a teal painted pumpkin outside your door. Giving away non-edible items is also eco-friendly since reusable treats will be used longer than edible treats would be. Check out a few ideas that can make Halloween enjoyable to all kids.

Allergy-Free Halloween Ideas

Plastic Toys

Small plastic toys are fun treats that can provide hours of entertainment. Shop for affordable items in bulk so you have plenty to give away to kids. Two ideas are big buckets of zombie action figures and monster action figures. One of the neat things about the zombies in that they glow in the dark. You get zombies, zombie pets, humans, and gravestones. In the big monster bucket, you get Godzilla, Frankenstein, a cyclops, moths, and spiders. My kids thought the moths and spiders were really neat. Both buckets come in quantities of 100 small, plastic toys and cost $19.99. The figures are more fun than scary, so you won’t frighten little kids.


Another idea is to create and give away homemade bookmarks. You can encourage reading and give away something all kids can enjoy. Include your kids in making and decorating bookmarks. Giving away a homemade craft can teach your kids about selflessness and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit. Laminate the bookmarks so they’ll last. This could be a really affordable, simple activity, or you could buy extra crafting supplies to make the bookmarks look professional.

Craft Supplies

Craft supplies are a favorite for many kids. Art is a hobby many kids enjoy. Give away items kids can use to express themselves. Buy stickers in bulk. You can get Halloween themed stickers as well as fall stickers. Other inexpensive craft supplies you can get would be small boxes of crayons. Kids will appreciate your creativity! When you give away allergy-free Halloween treats, not only will you give away healthy alternatives to candy, but kids will also appreciate how long lasting your treats are.


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    I didn’t know about the teal pumpkin and what it meant. Thank you for all of the suggestions for an allergy free halloween.


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