As a blogger, I get free food samples, and the opportunities I get to eat great food never go wasted in my home. Last week, I sampled a delicious, 3.2 pound Ribeye steak for another article I’m working on, and my family and I devoured it in in a day and a half. To make things worse, now that Christmas season has officially ended, Valentine’s Day articles are only just beginning. I have pounds of candy and cookies in the cupboard, such temptations, that make New Year’s resolutions of healthy eating a thing of the past. If I can’t consistently keep my diet healthy, I need to focus on fitness. When I heard that Sports Authority is launching a fitness campaign, I was immediately ready to join and excited to share the news with you.

Sports Authority Launches the MapMyFitness campaign

One of my favorite things about Sports Authority is that the store encourages healthy living with a huge variety of options to fit any person’s lifestyle. I’ve found soccer balls the right size for my kids, comfortable workout clothes for adults, and so much more, so I wasn’t surprised that the company had come up with another way to encourage its followers to stay healthy.

How the MapMyFitness campaign works is that first, you simply download and become a member of the Sports Authority rewards group, the League. Membership to the League has many benefits beyond this fitness challenge. By becoming a member of the League, you can earn rewards points for spending money at Sports Authority. Each dollar you spend earns you one point, and if you reach 100 points, you get a percentage off your purchase the next month. I’m always looking out for good deals, and since I love shopping there, the rewards program has a lot of advantages to me.

When you are in your League account, you sign up for the free MapMyFitness app, a training app that encourages you to stick with your goals by tracking your workouts and activity levels. Next, you want to sync your League account with MapMyFitness to earn 25 points immediately, just for signing up. You can also import fitness data from other apps and devices, so if you’re used to tracking your activity with another device, the transition will be simple. You can even earn an additional 25 points by linking your fitness tracker with your League account.

If gaining 50 points automatically isn’t motivation enough, listen to this.  To add an extra incentive, if you record 50 miles on the app from January 4th to February 1st, you will become eligible to win a $1000 gift card! I can think of a lot of awesome gym equipment I could buy with $1000, so I’m ready to stick with my new fitness plan. Join me, and check out the many other challenges offered by Sports Authority.

What’s motivating you to stick with your health and exercise plans after the New Year? Share in the comments section below!

Sports Authority Launches the MapMyFitness campaign -


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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    This sounds really great! I’ll have to be sure to check it out. I always need more reasons to stay motivated. 🙂


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