Traveling is one of the hardest thing to do, especially as a mom of two young kids. I don’t frequently travel long distances, but when I do I like to be comfortable. The Secret Sweater is an awesome spring clothing item to keep around for any situation, including traveling. This item is perfect for any mom, from the mom who travels for work to the mom who stays at home. As a working mom, I always need to be prepared. Listen to how this item has made my life so much simpler, so I can always be prepared.

Spring Clothing Feature: The Secret Sweater

First, let me explain with the Secret Sweater looks like. This is a small, lightweight cardigan that fits inside a bag. You can easily toss the bag into any purse, duffle bag, and overnight and weekender bags. The item is made out of a soft fabric that has plenty of stretch, and it has a great ability to not get very wrinkled when put inside its bag for safekeeping.

I picked out a mint green sweater to bring some life to my everyday outfits. Not only is this sweater great the situation when I might not always be prepared, but it also looks nice. I like adding a bit of color with a lightweight cardigan as the season turns into spring. The item fits well with my spring clothing style, and it would work well on top of a tank top in the summer. I recently shared this impromptu, waking up in the morning look on my Instagram page.

Spring Clothing Feature: The Secret Sweater

I wore this cardigan to a business occasion, and I love the way it looked. I thought had a very nice appeal to it, and it made me very comfortable. A lot of the time, the heating isn’t very good at this particular location. The temperature either gets too hot or too cold. This item was perfect for a temperature that is in between hot and cold. That’s why I love this item for spring time. It keeps me warm, but it doesn’t make me get too hot.

The cardigan went about three quarters of the way down my arm. It came up about halfway down my back. I thought the size and the shape went really nice with a lightweight, comfortable dress. In my first photo, I have an Instagram filter, but this next photo better shows the true color of the cardigan. I had so many more smiles when I took my first photo at 5 am. I guess I’m more of a morning person!

Spring Clothing Feature: The Secret Sweater

With spring and summer coming up, I’m going to be traveling a lot. I like to keep a duffel bag around that has items I can quickly take on the road if I have an idea to get out and go somewhere. I have plenty of adventures on my mind, and I can’t wait to show my kids the world. This cardigan is going to make a huge difference in helping me get out of the house because it reminds me that I should get out and travel more. The cardigan is comfortable and easy to take on the go.

Do you have a favorite spring clothing item? I admit; I have a few. First, I love this cardigan. I also have some awesome clogs I will be so excited to take out of the closet. I can’t wait to wear some of my favorite lightweight outfits as the weather changes and gets warmer. What is your favorite springtime outfit, and why? Tell me in the comments section, and keep in touch! I look forward to being inspired by your fashion choices.


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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