Writing is and always has been one of the biggest parts of my life. I teach my daughter to love writing, and I hope that she’ll grow up thinking of herself as a writer. To teach how wonderful it is to write, my goal is to show how happy writing makes me. To fuel my love for writing, Pen Heaven sent me a beautiful unlined, hard cover notebook, and a lovely mechanical pencil that was probably more expensive than any pencil I’ve ever used. Listen to why these items have made such a big difference in encouraging me to continue writing and drawing, two hobbies I love to do.

Why I Write With Pencil And Paper

My favorite memories of writing have always been with paper and a pencil. Recently, I discovered the ability to blog via my voice, just talking into my phone. Using voice technology to blog is a business savvy time-saving technique, but it isn’t very inspiring. Technology can be incredibly stressful. Often, writing on my laptop is a reminder of my deadlines. I get distracted with the many websites I should check, and I have a hard time getting into a clear mindset when writing.

So instead of opening up my laptop or checking out my phone, I’m getting in the habit of quietly spending time opening up a blank page in a notebook. The beauty of a blank page is that I can put anything there. I can include poetry, prayers, ideas for creative stories, songs, and quick sketches.

Blogging Tip: Write the Old Fashioned Way - Featuring @penheaven on Theresa's Reviews

I received two items, the black, unlined Capri large leather journal and the Waterman Hemisphere Matt Black with Gold Trim mechanical pencil. The quality of this notebook and pencil are incredible. I love the hardback book because I can tell it’s going to last a long time. The binding is very strong.

The pencil is also really nice. I love the black and gold coloring. It looks so much nicer than my plastic mechanical pencils that I’m used to using. The item has a good weight to it, so it looks and feels high quality. I liked that the pencil arrived in such a nice case. This is a sturdy, safe place to store the pencil so it doesn’t get lost.

Blogging Tip: Write the Old Fashioned Way - Featuring @penheaven on Theresa's Reviews

When I first used the pencil, I had a hard time using the eraser. I was so happy to discover that this pencil does comes with an eraser. Unlike a regular, inexpensive mechanical pencil, this item has an eraser under the cap. You just pull the cap off, and there’s the eraser. That’s where you can also reload the lead. To write with the pencil, you can release the lead by turning the cap. From what I’ve read, you can use .7mm lead in this pencil, but I haven’t had to buy a refill yet.

Blogging Tip: Write the Old Fashioned Way - Featuring @penheaven on Theresa's Reviews

Overall, I had a much more inspiring and relaxing experience, while using these two items. Writing the old fashioned way made me a lot happier. It was satisfying. I would recommend to all my blogging friends every once in awhile, to pull out a notebook. Unlined notebooks are the best because they can turn into an art journal to hold all of your inspirations. Writing with pencil lends itself to better ideas. You can easily erase and revise. Using old fashioned writing tools also helps me stay organized, because I make lists more frequently when I have a notebook.

As a side note, Pen Heaven also has a beautiful wedding journal. This is the ideal way to stay organized if you have upcoming nuptials or are shopping for a friend who is getting married. The journal has tabs for different sections. You can keep track of everything for your big day, to help minimize the stress of planning a wedding.

Do you ever write in notebooks, or do you only write with technology, and why?  Share in the comments section below.

Blogging Tip: Write the Old Fashioned Way - Featuring @penheaven on Theresa's Reviews


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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11 Responses

  1. Courtney

    I love to just sit and write by hand. It’s almost meditative. And to have a good pen and notebook makes it even better!

  2. Carol

    I have a journal and I write in it every night. I find it to be very therapeutic.

  3. Kimberly Jayne

    I love handwriting. It is really the fastest way to my creative brain. I just wrote on my blogs about something similar. Writing and regenerating after so much technology drains the creativity. I know that when I hand write, I am better able to get back in touch with my creative side.

  4. CourtneyLynne

    Omg I’m all about writing too! Even though my tablet and phone have neat “notebooks” I prefer a good ole pen and pad of paper!

  5. Kimberly

    I try to keep notebooks on hand, however, I tend to forget I can write anything I want in them. Thanks for the reminder of writing just for the passion of it <3

  6. Ana

    I love handwriting! Even though I’m not a gifted writer I love writing on my journal daily even if just a few words, prayers or Bibke verses. We homeschool so the first part of our morning routine is between read alouds, copywork and handwriting! We often receive complements for our children’s handwriting and mana is so proud of it!

  7. Amanda Ashton-booth

    From this post I would say that your quote for this would be…

    “Less is more”
    “KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid”

    Great work and thank you for sharing 😀

  8. Jennifer Corter

    Oh, there is nothing like putting pen or pencil to paper. I literally have a ton of blank notebooks everywhere in the house. I love writing the old fashioned way!

  9. Amanda

    Love this. I am totally a pen and paper kind of gal. Even when I’m writing on my computer I have to have them next to me! Haha. I’m all about the black G2 pen, though. No pencils here. 🙂


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