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For years, I’ve loved my Chacos. In college, I wore the traditional strappy sandals that go around the ankle to hike parts of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When I began blogging, I was excited to partner with Chacos on several reviews on women’s shoes, men’s shoes, and kid’s shoes. The support Chacos offer has made them a favorite for my family as well as for several of my friends. Recently, I was contacted by the brand Tread Labs, which is founded by the former CEO and founder of Chaco, Mark Paigen. Since Tread Labs is a newly launched company that offers Chaco like comfort for shoes, trying the insoles out gave me insight into whether I could convert my otherwise flat shoes into something as supportive as my Chacos.

Tread Labs Insoles

When coordinating the review, I was impressed that the company needed to know specifics about my arch in order to best choose an insole for me. Some of the information you provide includes your shoe size, the width of your shoe, and your arch height. I’ve known since I was little that I have flat arches, which has really limited the types of shoes I can wear. Getting arch support from my insoles was a key factor in choosing a pair, which come in a wide variety of sizes and widths.
Tread Labs Launches New Company - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.comWhile trying out the insoles, I had to practice putting them in my shoes a couple times. At first, I pushed the back of the insole into the heel, and I couldn’t get the toe part of the insole to lie flat. I realized that the best strategy was to push the toe of the insole all the way to the end of the shoe first, and then to push the back of the insole all the way down in the heel. Then, smooth the insole down and double check that it didn’t bunch up anywhere. When the insole was inserted correctly, I found that it fit my work shoes well. 
Tread Labs Launches New Company - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com

I also tried the insoles in a pair of flats that had absolutely no arch support in them. Because the shoes provided no support usually, I didn’t often wear them. I inserted the insoles, which fit the shoes well. With better arch support, I could wear the shoes I wanted to wear without worrying about twisting my ankle. You can see the difference in the arch support in the below photo, with the top shoe having the Tread Labs insole and the bottom shoe having no arch support.Tread Labs Launches New Company - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com

One thing I noticed while trying out the insoles was that some of my shoes felt tighter, which would be the case with adding any insoles to your shoes. I found that the insoles fit the best in my tennis shoes. Years ago, I bought a pair of tennis shoes that had high reviews, but since the arch support was lacking, I twisted my ankle the first time I wore the shoes. With the insoles added to my tennis shoes, I headed out for a walk around the neighborhood. I had improved balance with better support. My shoes were more comfortable and didn’t feel so flat anymore.

There are a few tips to improve the fit of the shoes while wearing the insoles. First, double check that you take the factory insole out of the shoes. Having two insoles can make shoes become uncomfortable and cramped. Next, you want to make sure that the insole is the proper fit for your shoes. Line the factory insole up with your Tread Labs insole to see if there is a major difference. If there is, trace the extra space with a pen and cut it off to ensure that the insoles will properly fit your shoe. Still not sure if the insoles will be the right fit for you? Receive a free trial and you won’t be charged for the product initially.

To contact Tread Labs, check out their Facebook page. Also visit their Instagram page where you can see how durable their insoles really are in a video that shows a car running over the insoles and the insoles staying intact.


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I received a free product as well as payment from Tread Labs for writing this article.

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  1. rachel cartucci

    They just look very comfy and I am very big and pregnant…comfy is a word I rarely say right now. ha! . I could not like or comment on your instagram…not until I am approved by you. Just wanted to tell ya.

  2. Margaret Smith

    My feet hurt when I stand or walk for awhile. I think that these would make my feet comfy and happy.

  3. Reginia Cordell

    I love the feel of insoles. They are exceptionally comfortable but like you’ve mentioned, they can make your shoes too tight and work best in sneakers. It’s good that the insoles were able to provide the arch support needed.

  4. Lisa

    I think these could help prevent feet pain after being on my feet all day.

  5. Ourfamilyworld

    I need these insoles. I am suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and my feet hurt so much when I stand up for a long time and walk a lot and my shoes are not fully supported.

  6. Maria

    These look like very slim, yet comfortable insoles. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but will look into them.

  7. Maurene C.

    From my own experience, this is very convenient. I actually have one of these for my doll shoes. My feet used to hurt when I am wearing shoes all the time. But lucky for me, my problem was solved with this.

  8. Michele B

    I have never tried insoles before. I know there are a couple of pairs of shoes I think insoles would have made my shoes so much more comfortable. This is a great giveaway thank you!

  9. rochkirstin

    I like comfort shoes and if only possible, these Tread Labs Insoles can be inserted in all shoes for the corporate office. This will solve all the problems of women from walking in high heels for long hours. I wonder if this can also improve the balance of those who are flat-footed.

  10. Joann

    Standing all day while teaching leaves it’s tole on your feet. This would add some comfort and cushion!

  11. LaShawn

    I love how comfortable insoles make my shoes feel. I am a nurse and so I stand on my feet a lot sometimes I know this would really help. I have had a few that make your shoes too tight though. Just something to keep in mind.

  12. rosemary palmer

    I have a skinny foot so I’m always adding insoles to my shoes. These look great and will check them out and enter. I like to see things before buying so I’m going to look locally for these too. Thanks.

  13. Laura MyNewestAddiction

    OH YES! I need these in my life. I actually just moved into a house with stained concrete floors and they are terrible on my feet. I need something to put in my shoes!

  14. Joanne T Ferguson

    I have never heard about this product, but will be checking it out soon! They look like they would make my shoes a lot more comfortable! They look like they would be really great when I have to stay on my feet for longs periods of time! What a great giveaway!

  15. Mary Clements

    I work out everyday and my feet take a pounding. I need orthotics but am only 27 so refuse to get them, these look like a great alternative!

  16. Jorge Alexander Granda

    I have low arches and that causes my feet and calves to hurt if I don’t wear shoes that have a good arch support system.

  17. Elizabeth O

    The right insoles can make a huge difference in how comfy our shoes feel. I like that they take the time to individually design insoles that fit each customer. Very nice!

  18. Valerie Robinson

    I need these insoles in my life ASAP. I’m going for comfort these days over cuteness lol

  19. Talia

    Love these!!! Definitely need to check this brand out for my arch support. Thanks for sharing!


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