With many modern Disney movies, feel-good plots show how love conquers all. From Frozen to Beauty and the Beast, love stories are nice, but don’t make a lasting impact on children’s view of the world. Some – Moana, to name one – push forward towards progress, asking an audience not only to embrace diversity, but also to see girls and strong and decisive. Disobedient island princess Moana challenges her father’s wishes, and makes a big difference in her community in doing so. While modern Disney movies have their place in changing the way children think about the world around them, re-visiting a childhood classic, Pinocchio, is a refreshing way to teach children about the basics of good behavior. 

3 Lessons Children Can Learn From Pinocchio

For a classic story that emphasizes the importance of right and wrong, watch Pinocchio. When I had the opportunity to review the Disney’s Pinocchio Signature Collection Blu-ray, I was happy because the movie teaches valuable lessons. Children can truly learn good behavior from watching it and discussing it with their family. Check out three lessons all children can learn from watching the movie.

1. Your conscience tells you right from wrong.

Even though many children know they should follow the rules, they don’t know what their conscience is. Since conscience is a big word, watching a movie can help children understand its meaning. I like that this movie teaches vocabulary with a fun, adorable character, Jiminy Cricket. Even young children can picture what their conscience is when they envision Jiminy Cricket’s sweet, well intentioned character. Not only does Jiminy Cricket reinforce that you should use your conscience when faced with temptation, but he also shows that your conscience is always there for you in times of need. 

2. Be truthful.

As a young, wooden boy, Pinocchio finds himself in many undesirable situations. From ending up in an entertainer’s cage to almost becoming a donkey on Pleasure Island, he gets into a lot of trouble. Since he is not a real boy yet, he is being judged on his ability to be truthful to determine whether he should become a boy. Children can get a very good lesson in the power of truthfulness. Similar to the boy being judged by a fairy, we are all judged for our actions too.

3. Consequences happen when you make the wrong choice.

One of the biggest lessons Pinocchio learns is that he could lose everything – including his father Gepetto – if he doesn’t prove himself to be honorable. Although the storyline is known for Pinocchio’s nose growing every time he lies, he learns a bigger lesson than that. He begins to develop moral reasoning skills because he understands the consequences involved with doing the wrong thing. By watching this movie, children can see that they should always make the right decision.


With the blu ray, you also get excellent bonus material. I enjoyed learning more about Walt Disney and how he made this movie. You also learn about the art of animation and the story behind the creation of Pleasure Island. 

Check out the trailer to see how vibrant and nice the Signature Collection Blu-ray looks.

Teaching children about their conscience, truthfulness, and consequences matters. I like that this movie conveys the message clearly and in a way that children can enjoy. Even though this movie is from an older generation, it is a classic with themes that still apply in children’s lives today. 


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  1. Theresa

    Moana has become my new favorite. I love the strong female lead character. I was happy to take my kids to see that movie and will buy the DVD for sure!

  2. Sarah Gillespie

    Snow white and pinocchio are my two favorite Disney movies. When you wish upon a star still makes me misty.

  3. Heather S

    Cinderella has always been my favorite. I have always loved her gentle spirit and quiet strength 🙂

  4. bernie wallace

    My favorite Disney movie is Toy Story. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  5. Carla D.

    My favorite Disney movie is The Lion King. I had the orange VHS when I was little. I overplayed it. Hehe.


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