Snacks are important to have in the house. Small snacks are convenient and can make a great pick me up on a long, hot day. If you’re trying to maintain a healthy eating plan, there are two main ways you can snack. First, you can indulge in what you really want to eat, and stick to small quantities. Second, find a healthier version of a food you enjoy. Keep all of the food groups in your diet, and allow yourself the occasional treat.

Smart Snack Ideas

Indulge in Small Amounts of What You Really Want

Eating five donuts in a day would be an overindulgence, but there’s nothing wrong with eating small amounts of treats. Instead of a donut or a cupcake, go for a mini Bauli Italian croissant in chocolate or vanilla custard.

Smart Snack Ideas - Theresa's Reviews -

In the whole bag of 6 croissants, there are about three hundred calories. There was no way I could have eaten it all myself. When I split the croissants with three other people, the croissants became a very moderate indulgence. The taste was satisfying, especially when I craved something soft and filled with a rich creme.Smart Snack Ideas - Theresa's Reviews -

Although I wouldn’t indulge every single night, sharing a bag of croissants with my family once a week is a treat that we all enjoy. Indulging while in the company of others makes eating a treat a special occasion.

Eat the Healthier Version of a Snack Food

Since indulging isn’t something you want to do too often, buy the healthier version of your favorite snack foods. You don’t have to give up the taste you adore. With You Are Loved foods, you can treat your body right and still satisfy your sweet tooth.

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I tried all of the snacks from You Are Loved foods: chocolate cupcakes, chocolate fudge balls, cinnamon almond protein bites, granola, and a special, natural sweetener made with monk fruit and Truvia. The taste was delicious. I couldn’t even tell that the sweet treats were made without sugar, which lowers the calories and the carb content. When your sweet tooth gets to you nightly, a healthy alternative can make snacking better for you. You can try You are Loved foods with the promo code Theresa20 for 20% off your purchase for the next 3 months.

Are savory treats your weakness? Try I heart keenwah to get the savory flavor you crave with natural ingredients. With flavors of puffs that include Herbes de Provence, sea salt truffle, aged cheddar, and sweet chili, you can satisfy your desire for puffs with a product that’s meant for people who are conscious of the ingredients in their food.

Smart Snack Ideas - Theresa's Reviews -

The company also has sweet snacks. Quinoa clusters come in chocolate sea salt, peanut butter cacao, cashew cranberry, almond, and peanut ginger. Since the clusters come is small snack sizes, they make a great snack on the go.

Don’t Give Up Carbs Completely

Giving up carbs always makes me just crave them even more. I plan strategic ways to incorporate carbs into my diet, so I won’t splurge uncontrollably later. The hungrier I get for carbs, the more likely I am to eat larger quantities in one sitting. One way I incorporate carbs is with small snacks in the afternoon or occasionally in the evening if it’s a movie night to reward myself for other healthy eating choices.

Smart Snack Ideas - Theresa's Reviews -

Crunchmaster crackers provide a large variety of snack ideas. When paired with jalapeno Havarti cheese, the crackers are the best way to extend an evening in with a cheese course added to the dinner menu. For an afternoon snack, smoked salmon with cream cheese has an excellent balance of flavors. You can get multi-grain crackers in sea salt, roasted vegetable, and white cheddar flavors. The multi-seed crackers come in original, rosemary and olive oil, and roasted garlic. You can also get the 7 Ancient Grains crackers.

Some other delicious pairings with the crackers would include hummus, which you can easily make in a food processor. Simply throw together some chickpeas, garlic, tahini, salt, lemon juice, and a little hot sauce. The result is a spread made with natural ingredients that tastes amazing as a side with lunch.

To me, one of the keys in snacking healthy is eating a reasonable dinner. About every other night, I include a carb as a main part of the dinner. Rice is a staple, and it’s a great way to extend a healthy meal full of fresh vegetables and proteins over two nights.

Smart Snack Ideas - Theresa's Reviews -

To add some variety to our household menu, I make Indian dishes. The spices can bring life to an otherwise ordinary chicken meal. As a side, Amira basmati rice has a delicious taste and texture. My favorite type is a new smoked basmati rice that retains some of its smoky flavor during the cooking process. Rice is simple to throw in the steamer while preparing the rest of dinner, and it contains the amino acids that your body needs.

Snacking and eating carbs don’t need to be off limit when you’re making an effort to eat healthy. Create healthy eating goals. Incorporate your favorite foods as well as healthy alternatives to the foods you would usually eat.

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  1. Robin Masshole mommy

    I need to watch what I eat. I have been eating way too much junk lately and need to do better!

  2. ricci

    All of these snacks look yummy but I really want to try the croissants!! I am obsessed with croissants!!

  3. Heather

    I think the quinoa clusters would taste interesting. I’d love to give those a try and the puffs! I love snacking, and this probably would help my waistline a bit.

  4. Wandering Carol

    For me summer snacks are all about fruit! It helps wean me away from pastries and gelato. I do eat way too much microwave popcorn and am thinking of buying an air popper to make that a healthier treat.

  5. Chubskulit Rose

    I have tried their multi seed crackers and loved it. I didn’t know they make other yummy snacks as well. I will check it out from the store.

  6. Lynndee

    We love snacking around here. I haven’t tried any of those. I am drooling over those croissants. Yum!

  7. Nikki

    I absolutely love anything with Quinoa in it! Such a delicious nutty flavor. These snacks looks delicious!

  8. Lisa

    I just saw those “I Heart Keenwah” snacks at the grocery store yesterday and wondered if they were worth trying! Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. Nickida

    Lots of great snack options. I just love basmati rice. It’s soo good. Better than all other rices. Well at least I think so.

  10. Rosey

    I didn’t know they were using quinoa for ready-made snacks. Those clusters look great.

  11. Dina

    I love to try new snack foods. I think I’d enjoy the keenwah. lol Love the spelling on that.

  12. CourtneyLynne

    Ooooo quinoa puffs sound pretty fantastic! I need to get some of those!

  13. Rebecca Swenor

    These all sound like great smart snacks indeed. I would love to try the Quinoa clusters Cashew Cranberry. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Martine - MeUnfinished

    This is a very good list! Thank you, so many times we have unhealthy options for the kids. I like the ones you have listed here and have tried some of the crackers. Will look into the rest.

  15. danielle x.

    Of course my eyes go straight to the chocolate croissants lol. Everything sounds good, I am very interested in the quinoa puffs. They sound like a yummy snack.

  16. Erin

    These are all great easy snack ideas! Im going to have to look for some of them for myself!

  17. Adanna

    I am a snacker so I would of totally devoured all of these. I have to be careful or I would overdo it on snack and be full by dinner.

  18. R U S S

    I’m all for choosing healthier options, whether it’s summer or not. I wish we have those Quinoa Clusters and Quinoa Puffs here …. they make the perfect summer snacks!

  19. Gabriel

    I’m willing to try anything to break my chips and pop habit. I’m getting better but it’s still a no brainer reaction when i get into the car to go to the gas station and get a bag of chips and a pop, even on a short drive.


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