Looking for a cute gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Buy a set of pillow cases from RK Grace, a company specializing in making pillow cases for couples. The company offers a wide variety of pillowcases, some humorous and some sentimental. I tried out a pillow from the company. The pillowcase set is called This is Where an Awesome Daddy Sleeps, This is Where an Awesome Mommy Sleeps. Since I’ve been working on a Mother’s Day gift guide, I was excited to write about the pillowcases. As a mother of two kids under age six, I received the item shortly before Mother’s Day, and I was very happy with it. The item is a great way to show how awesome your favorite parent is, while it could also work well as a baby shower gift to help raise the spirits of tired, new parents.

RK Grace Pillow Review

Although the company sells many styles of pillows with short sayings on each one, picking out the right item is key to giving it as a successful gift. My husband really liked the pillowcases and I did too.  The saying was simple and sweet, without being too silly, which wouldn’t have been our style. Being great parents is something both of us hope we accomplish daily in our lives. Giving the gift of a compliment can mean a lot to people. Because the items were fun and sweet, my husband and I were very happy with the style and design.

As I tried out the pillowcases, they fit well on the pillows I had on my queen bed. The items arrived quickly to my home and they came in good condition. Before using the pillowcases, I washed them to clean them and to make the fabric a little softer. To wash the items, I tossed them in with my regular load, and I turned them inside out to help protect them. I didn’t have any problems with the fabric getting lint stuck on it after washing and drying the items, but I did wash them with other sheets to try to keep them clean.

Using the pillows, I found that they were soft enough to sleep on at night. Since my old pillowcases were starting to fall apart, having some new pillowcases was awesome to have around for when the old pillowcases really couldn’t be used anymore. The items also looked adorable when I made my bed in the morning. In the future, they will continue to work well as additional pillows to give the room a cute accent or to leave my husband a sweet message using the pillows when I head to work in the morning.

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I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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