Larriland Farm Review

Delicious, pumpkin funnel cakes topped with powdered sugar were one of the many excellent features of my trip to Larriland Farm in Western Howard County, Maryland. I had never before had such an amazing funnel cake and I found that many other parts of the day were equally as impressive. We went to the farm on a beautiful, sunny day, which helped make the day a success. As I’m new to the area, I had previously visited Clarks Elioak Farm and I was excited to compare the two farms. Experiencing Larriland Farm, I enjoyed many attractions that the place had.

Larriland Farm Review

One of the first things I considered was the parking. Many people were there to visit the farm, but there was no line to wait for a parking spot. We did park in some dirt though, not a parking lot or gravel, so visitors might need to be aware that their car may need to be wiped down after. Because the day was so sunny, our vehicle didn’t really get dirty. Walking from the parking spot to the ticket line wasn’t too far, even though I was carrying a toddler.

We bought tickets to all three attractions: the spooky barn, the maze, and the hay ride. Each attraction was successful in engaging my daughter. Visiting the spooky barn went quickly as the barn only a few rooms inside it. My daughter was captivated with a wall of glowing jack-o-lanterns. Spooky characters inside the barn didn’t frighten my daughter, which was a good thing, because she was so young.

Another fun part of the trip was when we fed llamas and watched a goat resting on the roof of a barn. Llama food was for sale at 25 cents for a handful. My daughters were both ecstatic to get so close to the animals. The llamas were friendly. I didn’t see any hand sanitizer provided by the farm, so I was glad to have brought my own.

While walking through the maze made of hay, Samantha enjoyed the freedom of running around as well as the excitement of not knowing where she would end up as she explored the maze. After being in the maze for fifteen minutes, I noticed that because of the narrow paths, the maze felt a little bit crowded with families trying to keep up with their little ones. I enjoyed letting Samantha explore a maze for her first time and I was excited to continue to see another feature of Larriland Farm, the pumpkin patch.

Located down the road from Larriland Farm’s main attractions in Western Howard County, the pumpkin patch was a huge farm of growing pumpkins waiting to be harvested and carried away in a wheelbarrow. I was impressed. The acreage was beautiful with wide open land all around us. At just 69 cents a pound, the pumpkins were pretty inexpensive too.

While writing my Larriland Farm review, I thought about how the farm was in comparison to other local farms that I had seen. In comparison to Clarks Elioak Farm, I would have a hard time saying that either location was better. Each place has features that were impressive. Today, I was very happy with my trip to Larriland Farm and I can’t wait to visit again in the future.

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    Sounds like y’all had a fabulous time!!!! Love this time of year and hitting patches with the FAM❤❤❤❤ thanks for the review ❤❤


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