Visiting local farms for the Halloween holiday, my daughters enjoyed the beautiful fall weather as they basked in the sun. Gusts of wind helped create a comfortable temperature for the little ones. As we rode in a hay ride across the fields, I dressed my kids in their new Eddie Bauer coats to keep them warm during the occasional breeze. Trying out the coats, both of my daughters looked relaxed and warm. Having my children wear the jackets revealed that the items were made well for outdoor, active lifestyles for kids.

Eddie Bauer Kids’ Coats Review

I received two coats: a size 5/6 for my older daughter Samantha and a size 3/4 for my younger daughter Georgiana. Samantha enjoyed her coat. She was delighted with how warm the jacket was. According to Poster Child Style Magazine, puffy coats are a fall/winter 2014 fashion trend. Because of my background of reviewing numerous children’s clothing from around the world as well as years ago working in the fashion industry, I noticed that the puffy style fits with the trends that other popular, trendy children’s clothing companies also promoting for winter. Wearing the fall/winter 2014 Eddie Bauer kids’ coats, my children can fit with the latest style, while also having a practically designed coat for playing outside.

Both coats I ordered were larger than the size that would actually fit my children because I wanted there to be plenty of growing room to save me money in the upcoming year. As Georgiana is only 19 months old, I found that the coat she received was bigger than I expected, but I was happy with the size after I rolled up the sleeves. Georgiana was ecstatic to receive the coat. For days, she walked around the house carrying her new jacket, while she grinned and showed it off to other family members.

Eddie Bauer kids' coats

When Georgiana tried out her coat on the hay ride, she was very content. The coat did a good job of keeping her warm on a windy day without making her overheat. I liked that the coat had a lightweight feel so Georgiana could move around and play. Trying on the hoodie, she was all smiles. As a mom, I was happy that the jacket was made well as well as loose-fitting. Playing outdoors for an entire day, Georgiana had a great time. I found that the jackets helped my children enjoy their time as they never complained of being too cold.

Choosing winter jackets is a big decision in my household. Because we don’t purchase winter coats every year, I like for a good kids’ winter coat to be able to last two years if my kids don’t have major growth spurts. In the past, I’ve been lucky to have some jackets that worked for three years and became hand me downs for my younger daughter. With my two new kids’ winter coats, I am happy with the fit, size and durability. As the products are well made and practical, my children will wear the jackets constantly this winter and have the option of wearing them in the upcoming years too.

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