One of my favorite gifts to receive has always been flowers. Whether someone gives handpicked blooms, a plant to grow, or a beautiful bouquet, flowers instantly bring me joy. When I began looking at Mother’s Day bouquets, I thought of my mother, whose birthday falls a couple weeks before Mother’s Day. To spread joy for this occasion, I not only received a bouquet, but also sent one to my mom! Check out three bouquets that mothers will love to get for Mother’s Day 2017.

3 Mother’s Day Bouquets You’ll Adore

If you’re looking for a classic gift that is as beautiful as mom is, a bouquet is an excellent choice. With a wide range of flowers and vase designs, Teleflora offers styles for all mothers.

Teleflora Sparkle And Shine Bouquet

When I saw the Sparkle and Shine Mother’s Day bouquets, I was surprised at how breathtaking the style was. Since I like chic, modern designs, this bouquet fit with my personality well. With gorgeous pink roses, white lilies, and lavender, the arrangement has vibrant colors. Whether you are buying a gift for your mother or for your wife (remember, she’ll appreciate a gift on Mother’s Day!), this selection will certainly impress. Not only are the flowers gorgeous, but the bouquet also comes with a purple metallic glazed vase. For a festive touch, the bottom of the vase is lined with sparkling rhinestones. 

For an chic bouquet that will impress a modern mom, choose the Teleflora Sparkle And Shine Bouquet. - Theresa's Reviews

For an chic bouquet that will impress a modern mom, choose the Teleflora Sparkle And Shine Bouquet.

Teleflora Bold Elegance Bouquet

Since I wanted to send a bold, decadent bouquet to my mother for her birthday, the Bold Elegance Bouquet was perfect. With hot pink roses and pink lilies, the bouquet sends an, “I love you,” when you’re too far to say it in person. I was very happy that the flowers arrived on time and in perfect condition. When you’re sending a perishable gift across the country, having it show up fresh matters. I appreciated seeing how lively the blooms looked when they arrived.

For a bold and decadent bouquet, send the Bold Elegance Bouquet. - Theresa's Reviews

For a bold and decadent bouquet, send the Bold Elegance Bouquet.

Teleflora Splendid Garden Bouquet

Something special about Teleflora bouquets is that the vases are always just as much of a gift as the bouquets are. For a down to earth mom, check out the Splendid Garden Bouquet. Not only does the bouquet have a beautiful floral arrangement, but it also comes with a watering can that has a hand-painted, vintage botanical print. Last year, I received a bouquet that had a garden pitcher, and I enjoy seeing it in my home every day.

Earthy moms will adore the garden-inspired Splendid Garden Bouquet. - Theresa's Reviews

Earthy moms will adore the garden-inspired Splendid Garden Bouquet.

With these three bouquets, you can show mom how beautiful you think she truly is! Choose a gift that is as stunning and impressive as she is. You can find Mother’s Day bouquets that will appeal to all personalities. Whether you are shopping for an elegant, chic, or earthy mom, these gifts will all show your love.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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10 Responses

  1. Debbie

    These are gorgeous!! Will someone please tell my husband to get me the sparkle and shine? Nice job, Teleflora!! Thanks for sharing this- I had no idea how nice their bouquets were.

  2. Kimberly

    Love Bold Elegance! I’m not crazy about the watering can in Splendid Garden, but I adore the flowers in it!

  3. Shann Eva

    These are gorgeous! Lilies are my favorite, so I love the second one the most. They all look so fresh and bright.

  4. Bree Courtney

    Pretty bouquets! I LOVE the colors of the Splendid Garden one! My husband brought home a simple bouquet of sunflowers and baby’s breath….it was kind of an odd combination, but it was such a nice thought. He hadn’t done that in a long time. I love having fresh flowers in my home!

  5. CourtneyLynne

    Omg so pretty!!! One can never go wrong with giving flowers for a gift!!!


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