If you’re looking for ideas about what you can do on an inexpensive Annapolis getaway, you’re in the right place! Whether you are staying at a downtown bed and breakfast or visiting for a day trip, an Annapolis getaway offers fun for everyone. From the bustling downtown area to the serene water view, you can find many reasons to visit, and you don’t have to spend much for a day out here.

3 Inexpensive Things To Do On An Annapolis Getaway

Only a short drive from Washington DC and Baltimore, Annapolis is well worth going to for the waterfront view. From cruises to plays, this small town offers many attractions that couples as well as families can enjoy. If you want to take a budget-friendly trip, check out three ideas for free and inexpensive things to do.

Enjoy the boardwalk view

In downtown Annapolis, the waterfront is one of the biggest attractions. Many visitors enjoy sitting on the benches and watching the boats sail by on the water. Not only is the view beautiful, but with the United States Naval Academy nearby, you may also catch a glimpse of uniformed sailors.

3 Inexpensive Things To Do On An Annapolis Getaway - Theresa's Reviews

Many people use the boardwalk as a nice spot to get pictures of their visit. If you’re looking for your next Instagram picture, this is a good place to check out for the photo opportunity. Since I’m always looking for a new shot to upload on my Instagram page, I enjoyed this location!

3 Inexpensive Things To Do On An Annapolis Getaway - Theresa's Reviews

If the boardwalk is busy, you can sit and watch the ducks. Children enjoy seeing the statues along the side of the water.

3 Inexpensive Things To Do On An Annapolis Getaway - Theresa's Reviews

Since checking out the water is completely free, it is one of the best ways to enjoy your Annapolis getaway without spending any money. You can also find budget-friendly cruises and set sail on the Chesapeake Bay.

Check out the shops and restaurants

Window shopping is a free activity, but with so many interesting shops in downtown Annapolis, you may find it hard to leave without buying anything! My children loved discovering new items they had never seen before, such as these cool map clocks from Nautical North Charts and Maps.

3 Inexpensive Things To Do On An Annapolis Getaway - Theresa's Reviews

From major retail stores, such as Sperry and Tervis, to smaller boutiques, such as Wheat USA children’s clothing store, you can find something for everyone. This bustling city offers many commercial locations without the hassle of driving to a mall. Shop in the open air shopping district, while enjoying the relaxing waterside vibe.

3 Inexpensive Things To Do On An Annapolis Getaway - Theresa's Reviews

You can also find delicious food in Annapolis. Whether you want classic Maryland seafood or tasty barbecue, the food will please the whole family. My children loved getting a special treat at Kilwin’s Annapolis.

3 Inexpensive Things To Do On An Annapolis Getaway - Theresa's Reviews

Although visiting the shops and restaurants isn’t completely free, you can find budget-friendly places to dine. We ate at Mission BBQ, and not only was it delicious, but it was also very affordable.

Visit historical sites

Many historical sites in Annapolis are completely free to visit. Did you know that Annapolis was our country’s first capital? Here, George Washington resigned his commission to Congress after serving as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. Although my children were too young to fully understand this idea, they recently visited Washington DC and found it interesting that this small town was the first capital of our nation.3 Inexpensive Things To Do On An Annapolis Getaway - Theresa's Reviews

When you visit the Maryland State House, go inside to learn all about the history of this building. Admission is free. Each room shows the various roles lawmakers have. My favorite room was dedicated to George Washington, and it had a video that my children enjoyed.
3 Inexpensive Things To Do On An Annapolis Getaway - Theresa's Reviews

Outside the Maryland State House, you can learn more about the history of the area. With statues on the lawn, each plaque reveals something new. You can also get an incredible view of the city.3 Inexpensive Things To Do On An Annapolis Getaway - Theresa's Reviews

Finally, at the Historic Annapolis Museum and Store, you can learn about the history of the region. When I visited, there was an interested exhibition about the history of slavery and indentured servitude. Each display had an audio version, which my children enjoyed.

3 Inexpensive Things To Do On An Annapolis Getaway - Theresa's Reviews

While taking an Annapolis getaway, you don’t have to spend much to have an awesome time. If you are traveling to Annapolis for the day, expect to pay for parking and some food, but you can find plenty to do on a budget-friendly visit.

What is your favorite weekend getaway location? Share in the comments!

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23 Responses

  1. Robin Rue

    I haven’t been to Annapolis in many years, but really enjoyed it when I was there. We walked around the Navy school and had a great lunch there.

  2. Sona Sethi

    I love places that have history and some meaning to it! This is one of those places. Great to know and would love to visit.

  3. Angela Tolsma

    I love visiting historical sites when I go to a new place! The boardwalk though would be fun! I don’t get to spend much time near water!

  4. Melissa

    Visiting Annapolis really looks like a great town to visit with so many things to do, waterfront, historic sites and shopping. I am not near there but if I get down there I will try not to miss it.

  5. Marcie in Mommyland

    I’m a sucker for a good boardwalk! I think that ice cream always tastes better when you can sit and look at boats! I’m hoping to do an East Coast road trip at some point so I will make sure Annapolis is one of our stops!

  6. lydia

    I love a good boardwalk. It’s such a relaxing part of a getaway, always my favorite!

  7. Nikki Arnold

    This looks like a great trip! I have never been there. I like finding things to walk around and do with kids though that don’t really cost much!

  8. Carolyn

    I have never been to Annapolis but it looks beautiful and so quant. I would love to check out the food and the historic sites.

  9. Dana

    I absolutely love visiting the historical places of a new city! So many of those museums are free, and such a great way to learn about the city you are staying it.

  10. Rhian Westbury

    I love boardwalks, especially when an ice cream is an option. It’s nice to know there’s some places to explore which don’t cost x

  11. Elizabeth O.

    It’s always nice to go on vacation and have things on your list that won’t let you spend so much. These are lovely ideas on what to do when you’re in Annapolis.

  12. Amanda Love

    This is so awesome. I love to travel and we travel when we get the chance. It’s not easy on the budget though so it’s always good to know that you don’t have to spend so much on the places that you’re going to visit, like Annapolis.

  13. Blythe Alpern

    One of my favorite places to getaway in Charleston. It’s such a beautiful city with great food to eat and history to explore.

  14. Cindy Ingalls

    This looks like a great little getaway. I would say a favorite getaway of mine is Austin. You can wander the lake or check out the shopping and there are so many food trucks to explore you can eat for days.

  15. Sheri

    I heard it is great way to spend a day, and take a lot of wonderful images. Lots of history and great things to do.

  16. Shoshana Sue

    I think I would find myself visiting the historical sites. Learning about the roles of the lawmakers does sound very appealing to my need for educational information.

  17. Heather

    These are great vacation ideas! My daughters would love these activities and would probably want to spend a lot of time on the boardwalk.

  18. Vera

    I love to check out Historical sites and capture good views. This will be something for me to keep in mind for family trips because we’ve never been to Annapolis before.

  19. Tiffany Haywood

    Really great ideas! Annapolis looks like an awesome place to visit. I find exploring a city/town on my own saves us the most when we travel.


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