With the beautiful fall weather outside, I’ve enjoyed sampling a small, personal size ice cream maker with my family. According to FamilyFacts, spending time doing leisure activities as a family leads to better emotional bondingBecause of my background as a certified teacher, I have noticed in my family that doing activities together is important to my children’s well being. Last week, using the product led to an enjoyable leisure activity that my daughter and I worked on together. Creating a dessert revealed that family time matters in my household, while we practiced using a new product.

Zoku Ice Cream Maker Review

Making ice cream with the Zoku ice cream maker, I picked out a simple recipe for my first try. Following a simple vanilla ice cream recipe made three batches for my husband, my older daughter, and me. Ingredients were items that I already had, such as heavy cream, milk, granulated sugar, and vanilla. After following the recipe, I chilled the mixture for half a day. For the first batch, I placed the base of the product in the freezer for 12 hours before using. Getting the base cold was critical to the success of the product.

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As I placed the mixture in the ice cream maker, the mixture got colder and harder the longer it was there. I continually scraped the ice cream from the side of the bowl to help it solidify. My daughter tried the first batch, and she was happy with the taste. When I took a bite, I thought the recipe turned out well. My husband said that the recipe had a little too much vanilla for him.

With the next batch, the ice cream maker had been sitting out some, so it wasn’t as cold. While watching my daughter finish the bowl, I noticed that the ice cream melted some as she ate it. Samantha said that she loved the taste and didn’t care what the consistency was like. As an adult, I wanted ice cream that was harder, so for the third batch I decided to try a different strategy. I put the ice cream in the freezer for 20 minutes.

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Putting the product in the freezer helped create a thicker ice cream. Eating the ice cream quickly helped prevent it from melting. I tossed some brownie in to add a chocolatey flavor. The taste was excellent. Even though the product required trial and error, it helped my husband and I bond with our daughter as we did an activity.

One day later, I created a new mixture and I added a dash of pumpkin spice and cinnamon spice. Samantha was thrilled to have cinnamon, pumpkin ice cream, which we would have had a hard time finding at the grocery store. As a mom, I can’t wait to try more creative recipes with my little girl. Giving Samantha her own personal ice cream maker encourages her to be more independent and responsible with her decisions as she learns more about baking. As my readers go about their holiday shopping, I do recommend the product for parents with children who are beginning to learn about baking.

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