In 2015, Disney remade the Cinderella cartoon into a live-action movie starring actress Lily James as Cinderella. On the movie poster, James wears a flowing, puffy gown with butterflies on the bust. Since princesses are an inspiration to my daughter Samantha, she tried out a Cinderella dress from Amazon to see if it would work as her Halloween costume. To help you get a better idea of the look and the fit of the dress, I included a couple pictures as well as a review video that Samantha made. What are your kids going to be for Halloween? Something pretty, or something scary? Share your ideas below!

2015 Cinderella Dress Review

Kids are the most honest creatures. Check out Samantha’s review video to see what she thinks. Guess which dress is her favorite, favorite, favorite dress? She adores it!

The sizing was great. Because the length fell right to her ankles, the dress didn’t drag on the floor. The width of the dress was good too. There was enough space for the dress to be comfortable without it looking too wide. If I really wanted a perfect fit, I could have it tailored, but that’s a little excessive for a children’s play dress. Most importantly, Samantha enjoyed wearing the dress because it fits her well.
2015 Cinderella Dress Review and Video - Theresa's Reviews - - #CinderellaPrincessDress

Another nice feature of the design was the shoulder straps. On the movie poster, the dress James wears goes across her shoulders. The movie dress would uncomfortable for kids. Even when playing dress up, kids move a lot when they play. The Cinderella dress Samantha wore had shoulder straps as well as fabric over the shoulders. I liked that the dress imitated and improved the movie design to make it more kid friendly.2015 Cinderella Dress Review and Video - Theresa's Reviews - - #CinderellaPrincessDress

Similar to the movie dress, the Cinderella dress had lovely butterfly accents and sparkles on the skirt. The colorful, sparkly accents made the item even more appealing. When Samantha wore the dress, it stayed in good condition. The accents remained in place.

I look forward to having Samantha wear the outfit for Halloween. She always gets a lot of use out of her dress up clothes, so she’ll end up wearing it regularly. Since the fit was so good for her, it will stay in good condition as she continues to play in it in the future.

What kind of Halloween costumes are you going to see in your neighborhood this year? Also, are you making your kids’ costumes or buying them? Share in the comment section below!


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