Summertime brings the reminder that back to school shopping for the kids will start soon. When Joah Love offered to give my kids some free clothes to wear for photos on my blog, I was psyched. My kids were excited too. They hadn’t worn clothes from the brand before, but in the past, I had seen the company’s clothes at local retail stores. We tried the clothes on a really hot day when the temperature was over ninety degrees. The heat made the girls get worn out soon, and they quickly wanted to play with the neighbors instead of smiling at the camera, but I was able to get a couple photos before we began playing and making a garden. Even through the hot weather, my girls felt and looked great in their adorable outfits.

Joah Love Review

My younger daughter Georgiana tried the Ivy Flower Petal dress in a 2T. The subdued, mellow pink color was very appealing. Regarding the size of the item, the dress had enough room for her to grow this summer without it getting tight. With racerback straps and a flowy skirt, the outfit provided coolness on an unbearably hot day. She could run and play in the outfit, while the material was also very light and breathable.

Joah Love Review

Samantha, my older daughter, also tried out an outfit, the Pepper Native Jumper in Charcoal. It had a neat style that reminded me of some of the jumpsuits I’ve seen in fashion magazines. Obviously, Samantha couldn’t wear the jumper with some snazzy high heels like the girls in magazines, but it looked great with her sparkly black slip on shoes. The style was really cool and versatile. Since the coloring was basic, she could wear it with so many different types of shirts underneath it.
P1030596Regarding the size, the item might have fit true to size, but it’s hard to tell. My daughter usually wears a size six because she’s a tall five year old, but she only turned five years old several months ago. I received a size six, but it was little big on her. Because Samantha actually should fit a size five, it’s difficult to tell whether the item actually would fit a six year old, and it might, especially a taller six year old.

Since my girls love girly clothes, they absolutely adored the Ivy Flower Petal dress. It had a really pretty flower decoration that made the item look dressier for nice occasions. I also found that the item fit really well and didn’t require any additional tailoring for Georgiana to wear it. The coloring was soft, muted, and appealing. Both of my girls loved the dress and could picture themselves wearing it all summer.
Joah Love Review

When shopping for fall clothes, check out the company’s clothing line. The dresses are absolutely adorable and they are awesome for summer. When fall comes, my daughter might pair the dress with tights and a shrug for church. As a mom, I found the jumper to be super practical because it could work well in the colder months with long sleeve shirts. The jumper could even be layered with a sweater and paired with tall black boots to make it work through the winter.
Joah Love Review

Both outfits were made with super soft, breathable material. Wearing the jumper, Samantha looked ready to play and super comfortable, which are priorities for me as a mom. The pink dress was a better fit for the 90 degree summer weather, but the jumper is going to work great in the fall and winter.

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I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.


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35 Responses

  1. R U S S

    Aww, those are pretty OOTDs for your little angels. I love how stylish ( yet still comfortable ) children’s clothes are these days which make kids the cutest fashionistas.

  2. Alli

    Your girls are the cutest little models I’ve ever seen! The clothing is cute, too. I especially like the pink with the pretty flower. Adorable!

  3. Christy Maurer

    Oh my goodness! Your girls are adorable and the outfits you got to try are so cute! My daughter is 20! I remember the fun of picking out her outfits. Time flies!

  4. michele d

    Your daughters are adorable. Those outfits look so cute. My daughter is a tad bigger for those selections but I will tell my niece about them.

  5. Terry

    Georgiana is the same size as my Granddaughter. My Granddaughter thinks it is fun to model all the clothes I give her. I had never known a girl that young to love clothing as much as she does.

  6. Melissa

    Boy talk about cuteness overload! your girls are adorable and those clothes are so cute! I love the pink, such a pretty shade.

  7. Kisa Johnson

    Aww! I love these little outfits! The cute flower on the pink dress is absolutely adorable, my 9 year old would love something just like it!

  8. Mistee Dawn

    Awww, these clothes are so adorable (and so are the kids)! I need to get some of these for my daughter!

  9. Elayne

    This is my first time hearing about Joah Love. Now I have another outlet to check for back to school shopping for my girls.

  10. Jeanine

    These are so cute. I absolutely over that charcoal jumper. That is gorgeous. I haven’t heard of Joah Love until now, and I’m loving what I’m seeing!

  11. Lynndee

    You’ve got such pretty and adorable little girls there. And their outfits really look good on them. So cute!

  12. Uplifting Families

    These are cute outfits. I miss having a girl. There are so many cute things for girls. My daughter loved wearing dresses when she was younger. I have a 4 year old, I will have to see if they have boy stuff.

  13. Ann Bacciaglia

    These outfits look so adorable. I will have to share this with my friends with kids. I love the little dress.

  14. Jon

    Cute outfits! U have to say, you make good use of the Valenti theme, wonder where you got the inspiration from ;)!

  15. CourtneyLynne

    Omg cutest outfits ever!!! This is the kinda stuff I love to dress my daughter in!

  16. Krystal

    Those clothes look so good. I love the quality of them and that pink dress is just darling. Perfect for a sweet little girl!

  17. Bonnie @ wemake7

    What cute clothing. I think my youngest daughter would love these. Thanks for sharing.

  18. HilLesha

    Aw! Your daughter is so adorable. My 2 year old daughter (turns 3 next month) would love these outfits! She loves dressing up.

  19. Kelly Hutchinson

    The jumper is super cute and they are so in style right now. I love to see younger girls wearing fashionable clothing that is appropriate for their age.

  20. Yona Williams

    The styles shown here are really cute. I normally wouldn’t gravitate towards a style or pattern like the jumper shown here, but I think it’s very stylish.


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