If you are wondering how to make your family’s sick days better, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you have one family member who doesn’t feel well or several, trying to de-stress can help. Even though sickness can bring out the worst in everyone, you can make this time better by being mindful of how temporary this situation is.

Make Your Family’s Sick Days Better

With sicknesses, every one needs time to rest. For parents, having the whole family get sick is the worst. You have to continue adulting, even when you want to curl up in bed for days. Remember, you can still use this time together to make wonderful memories both for you and your children.

Lower expectations

First, give up the idea that your day will continue as normal. Accomplishing your usual work is difficult. To make this time less stressful, expect less of everyone.  To spread positivity, wake up thinking about what you are grateful for, and share one happy thought with each person in your home before breakfast.

Allow the children to put off their homework. When children are not feeling well, they don’t need to push themselves. Let them work at their own pace.

Unless you are so sick you can’t get out of bed, keeping up with some housework can help prevent stress. Do what you can, but give yourself plenty of breaks.

For the house to stay clean, keep up with a few important chores. Cleaning for a few minutes makes a big difference, but I make sure to let some things go – like folding and putting away laundry – to make sure I have time to rest too.

Allow technology time

For a relaxing day at home, allow everyone to have some technology time. From apps to movies, technology can help give you the quiet time you need. When everyone doesn’t feel well, you can forget about being super mom and coming up with fun crafts and games. If children have any energy, they still need to rest quietly.

When my children are sick, they usually end up having small bursts of energy. I quickly re-direct them away from roller skating in the house and scattering crayons on the floor. Instead of making messes and being loud, they can watch a special movie – sometimes we’ll even rent a new one – or they can download a new learning app.


If everyone is sick, take this opportunity to cuddle your children. Parenting is a special time. All of these stressful moments you have now can become a good memory – or even a funny memory – years later.

Savor these moments. Even the difficult parenting moments will become nice to remember. Children are usually so active that it is hard to find time to cuddle. Take advantage of the fact that they want time with you.

When my children are sick, I love getting extra cuddles. Sometimes, giving the extra attention is trying. At three in the morning, the cries and attempts at co-sleeping – from a child way past the co-sleeping stage – are just a sign of not feeling well. Give in to cuddling. Let cuddling take up the time you would usually spend on work. You won’t get time to make up for lost moments later, so cherish them now.

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Your advice

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  1. Bree Courtney

    Thankfully I don’t get sick very often, but when I was pregnant and having really tired or nauseous days, I had to remember to give myself more grace, to let go of household chores for a bit and to be okay with the kids watching a little more TV for that day. Just remember, it is temporary.

  2. Debbie

    I agree with all of this! I usually just give up whatever I had planned- not much you can do when the kiddos are sick! I also think allowing tech time is good advice, too, or just some quiet TV time.


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