If you’re looking for a new app for your children, you’re in the right place! Recently, a brand new American Girl WellieWishers Garden Fun app came to the app store. My children loved checking it out. As American Girl fans, they adore the WellieWishers they got for Christmas last year. With this new app, children can combine their love of American Girl products with technology to take on the go.
A brand new American Girl WellieWishers Garden Fun app came to the app store! - Theresa's Reviews #AmericanGirl #WellieWishers #apps #appsforkids

American Girl WellieWishers Garden Fun app

If you missed this recent announcement on my social media channels, my daughters recently started a brand new Youtube channel called The Sammie and Georgie show. Click play below. If you enjoy their in depth tutorial on how to play the app, please click like, comment, subscribe, and share!

Playing The WellieWishers Garden Fun App

As a parent, I love that the app is from a company I trust. Everything is very age appropriate for young children. The game has some educational components too. When you save acorns to spend on pets, you learn about financial literacy. My children learned to make choices about what to buy, and that they might want to save up for a bigger purchase later.

Bunny character from WellieWishers Garden Fun App

With the design portion of the game, you can decorate vases and tea cups with different patterns and colors. Children learn how to use technology to create simple designs, which could be helpful for them to know.

Paying To Upgrade

You can download the app for free, but paying to upgrade certain features offers some advantages. We played the free app to see how it works. Without upgrading, you can decorate with stickers and characters, collect acorns, and care for a garden. The garden area has pop-ups that ask you to remove a snail and water the carrot growing in the garden. Children can learn how valuable it is to care for nature with the gentle reminders on the screen.

Nurture Your Garden in WellieWishers Garden Fun App

The best deal for the paid content is to buy the Garden Party Pack. You can also buy each feature separately. The separate features are Hidden Object, Tea Party, Costumes, Sweet Dreams, and A Day Out. The best part about the paid content is that you can do much more, including games (Tea Party and Hidden Objects).

With the Hidden Objects game, Camille is sad because she misses her summer trips to the ocean. One of her old friends helps her be happy again by imagining that she is at the ocean. In the Tea Party Game, the WellieWishers thoughtfully plan Aunt Miranda’s birthday. I like that the games teach that friendship and family matter.

Camille character in WellieWishers Garden Fun App

My children loved playing the WellieWishers Garden Fun app! Whether we are driving somewhere or sitting quietly in a restaurant, playing the app made my children happy. They enjoyed seeing their favorite characters, collecting acorns, and learning more about friendship! With my daughter starting her first year of Pre-K this fall after staying home for the past 4 years, the lessons about making friends are very relevant to her.
Children enjoy playing the brand new American Girl WellieWishers Garden Fun app! - Theresa's Reviews #AmericanGirl #WellieWishers #AmericanGirlDoll

About The American Girl WellieWisher Garden Fun App

The WellieWishers Garden Fun app is ideal for children ages 5-7. You can purchase it on iOS devices and Android devices.

WellieWisher Giveaway

Enter to win your very own WellieWisher doll! Follow the steps below.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion. Giveaway open to US residents. American Girl is responsible for fulfilling the prize.

13 Responses

  1. Zesty Olive

    Well, this looks fun! I’m way over the 5-7 age limit, but I would play with this app, so I’m sure age appropriate girls would love this, too! 🙂 I have a niece in that age range, so I’m passing this on to her mom.

  2. Mimi Green

    This is really cute, my daughter is 5 and this is perfect for her. She already loves the Wellie Wisher Dolls but this allows her to enjoy them at any time.

  3. steph

    I think I need to get this app – as you said, I love games that come from companies I trust! Thank you for sharing this with the world!

  4. Lindsey Betterman

    My daughter is in love with Ashlynn. The app and the cartoons are amazingly fun and new ways for her to interact with her doll!


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