Are you shopping for a woman’s Christmas gift this year, and you aren’t sure where to start? I’ve found some great items any woman would appreciate. There are several different types of gifts that would appeal to different types of women. Some women prefer jewelry, and some women prefer athletic gear. Check out what she already owns to get an idea of what she might like. Buy a gift that shows how much you know and appreciate her.

2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Women


One of the most classic gifts for women is jewelry. You might find that you want to buy a special piece of jewelry, but you don’t have thousands to spend. Beautiful jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out these Roman Glass Posts by Coco and Duckie. The style is gorgeous and simple. Since I studied history in the oldest city in America, St. Augustine, Florida, the history that these earrings have is what appeals to me most. Each earring is made from ancient shards of glass excavated from sites in Israel. I love the light blue coloring, which is simple and beautiful.

2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Women - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.comAnother great piece of jewelry is the Angel Wing Charm by Helen Ficalora. Previously, I wrote a full review of the charm. The item is a good gift idea because it’s versatile, simple, and meaningful. You can spend as much or as little as you want on this item. Splurge and get it in gold, or buy it with multiple charms. A less expensive option is to get it in sterling silver as pictured here.

2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Women - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.comTechnology

Tech savvy women can appreciate an item that serves a purpose. Upgrade her storage device with a high tech USB drive. Previously, I reviewed Picture Keeper, a USB device that automatically saves files when you connect it to the computer. Now, Picture Keeper comes in a wider variety and an upgraded software. You can also buy the Tune, Video, and Business versions to save a variety of files. Purchase a Stocking Stuffer PK 4GB, or ask Santa for one!

2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Women - Theresa's Reviews -

Another type of technology would be a mini house building kit. The ARCKit A60 is a neat gift idea for crafty women, and it serves a purpose because you can use it to create ideas for actually building or remodeling your home. Customize the home in different styles to make it look the way you want it to look. You can print out stickers to apply to the surface. Give the home terracotta tiles, wood flooring, shingle aluminum, and stone walls.

2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Women - Theresa's Reviews -


Shoes are practical, and they make a great gift. Buy the Hopi boots in Sandstone from Chaco. Winter is a good time to buy an extra pair of boots. Colder weather and more precipitation can make your old shoes get worn down quickly. These boots can transition from winter to spring and even to fall. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, and skinny pants. I’ve worn my pair a lot since the fall. The shoes have stayed in excellent condition, and I’ve received a lot of compliments!

2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Women - Theresa's Reviews -

Give Bootights socks that look great with boots. The special thing about these socks in that the foot of the socks feels like athletic wear. Around the foot, the fabric is cushioned and supportive. You can wear socks that look beautiful and professional without having to give up your comfort. I’ve been wearing these socks for weeks now, and I adore them. I wear different styles of the socks with and without boots just because they are so comfortable to wear.

2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Women - Theresa's Reviews -


One great idea for women who craft or make art is the Total Tote in Vineyard by Creative Options. This tote bag has a space for all your craft supplies. Get organized with separate areas for each item. As a mom, I’ve always found it hard to keep craft supplies around because my kids want to play with my supplies. The tote bag keeps everything out of the reach of little hands, so I can take my supplies out when I want to make something.

2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Women - Theresa's Reviews -

For a woman who loves traveling, buy the Haiku Passage Duffle Bag. The classic style and color of this duffle bag goes with any woman’s style. I hadn’t updated my duffle bag since college, and I badly needed to because my old collegiate style doesn’t work so well for a mom and a working professional. This bag makes me excited to go on vacations. In the past, I’ve always been embarrassed of my bag, but now I’m proud of it.

2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Women - Theresa's Reviews -


Entertainment is a thoughtful gift. Buy items that will truly appeal to the woman. In the months leading up to a holiday, listen for clues to what she loves. Purchase the CD of the song she mentions she likes on the radio, or buy the Blu ray of the movie she’s been wanting to rent. One of the latest releases that appeals to women is the Age of Adeline, a romance starring Blake Lively and Harrison Ford. The movie is set in 1908. When the main character stops aging at age 29, decades pass. This sweet movie is great for a date night.

2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Women - Theresa's Reviews -


Some household items make great gifts. Buy items that compliment a woman’s favorite household activities, such as drinking coffee. Purchase a special gift that adds to the coffee ritual. Frieling carries a beautiful tray set with the matching spoon, sugar bowl, and creamer pitcher. The glossy mirror finish looks very nice. I used the tray set to make my Sunday morning coffee ritual more special. I gave each of my daughters some regular milk with a dash of sugar, and I found that even my busy, working husband was happy to sit a little while longer to enjoy the morning with us.

2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Women - Theresa's Reviews - 

Organizational items can also make nice gifts. Buy an item to organize an area of the house that she wants to look better. One versatile item is the Bamboo Shower Seat with Shelf from Toilet Tree. You can keep the shelf in the bathroom for the hair dryer and other beauty essentials, or anywhere else that clutter arises. Fixing a clutter problem shows that you care about making her happy.

2015 Christmas Gift Guide for Women - Theresa's Reviews -

What are you buying for the women in your life this Christmas? Can you share a story about a favorite gift you received? Share your ideas below or on my Facebook page!


I received a free item, but it in no way affected my opinion!

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  1. Cindy C

    I really love those blue earrings! I would def be happy receiving those as a gift! <3

  2. Ai

    Yes, there’s always someone that’s hard to shop for! I love all these ideas, especially the boots and the tray set. I may have to add those to my own wish list.

  3. Erica

    Really lovely picks! I have one to add that I just ordered (actually I ordered two). It was from Dreamlines. One is a sketch of her wedding dress and suit. The other gift is a sketch of a home. So excited. I have a sketch of theirs and love it.


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