With Valentine’s Day around the corner, now is the time to make a few last minute gift decisions. In the past, I’ve shared numerous Valentine’s Day gift guides. You can’t go wrong with a thoughtful gift, but remember, it is truly the thought behind the gift that means the most on this holiday. To give a truly heartfelt gift, also give your Valentine time, attention, and true love.

Theresa's Reviews - 10 Ways To Say "I Love You" on Valentine's Day

Love Is More Than A Word

This Valentine’s Day, show your love in creative ways. Today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can check out 10 thoughtful ways to show how much you care.

Theresa's Reviews - 10 Ways To Say "I Love You" on Valentine's Day

10 Ways To Say “I Love You”

Have you ever had your Valentine’s Day gift fall flat because of an argument or misunderstanding? The key to exchanging gifts is to give more than just a present.  Check out these top 10 ways to say “I love you” without spending any money.

1. Unexpectedly, write a thoughtful note. Don’t do this on Valentine’s DayInstead, do it a few days ahead of time, for no reason at all.

2. Clean up your own messes, and encourage the children to do the same.

3. Spend time doing what both of you enjoy when you spend time together.

4. Have a conversation. Take the time to catch up with one another. You don’t have to talk about anything serious, but make sure to learn something new during your talk.

5. Take over with the children. Play games with them and read to them, or take them somewhere special. Spending time with the children creates a nice “Me Time” break that anyone appreciates.

6. Whether you don’t usually go grocery shopping or do the vacuuming, do the one chore you never do without being asked.

7. Listen. If you’re still picking out gift ideas, the best gifts come from listening to small moments in a conversation that have nothing to do with gifts at all.

8. Give your time during a stressful moment. Is the morning a hectic time in your home? Whether you’re getting the children ready for school or just groggy before your first cup of coffee, it can be nice to have some extra help. You can also pitch in when the keys, a cell phone, or sun glasses are lost.

9. Be more present when you’re together. Double check that your phone is silenced, and don’t check your laptop.

10. Exercise together. Whether you go hiking somewhere new or head to the gym together, you will benefit from working towards a common goal.

Theresa's Reviews - 10 Ways To Say "I Love You" on Valentine's Day

Love’s Passion Bouquet By Teleflora

If you thoughtfully show your love, your Valentine’s Day gift will be a success. As I mentioned in #7, listening is a great inspiration for finding the best gift. Sometimes, you can listen, but simply not hear a good gift idea.

To impress your Valentine, check out the Love’s Passion Bouquet by Teleflora. This stunning arrangement has a romantic and impressive look. I’ve received a lot of bouquets from Teleflora, and I like this one the most. Since the bouquet is vibrant and festive, it was exactly what I wanted in my home for Valentine’s Day. One of my favorite parts is the one-of-a-kind red blown glass vase. I liked that the vase twisted elegantly to create the illusion of movement.

All of the flowers arrived in excellent condition. Each rose bud looked ready to bloom without a hint of aging. Because the flowers arrived in early February, I was glad that they could last until the holiday.

I enjoyed the variety of blooms in the bouquet. With red roses, red tulips, white asiatic lilies, red leptospermum, and more, the bouquet had a gorgeous colorful look that spruced up my dining room instantly.

What are some creative ways to show your love? Share in the comments!

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I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

33 Responses

  1. Ashley LaMar

    I’m giving up ALL the praise hands for doing chores! Lol. Every day for the last week I haven’t had a single dirty dish left in the sink because my husband has loaded and unloaded the dishwasher so the kitchen has been perfectly clean. I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful that has been!

  2. Jessi

    What a great list! I especially like “clean up your own messes”. I love my husband, but on his nights to clean the kitchen after dinner he thinks just putting dishes in the sink is enough lol

  3. Angela Tolsma

    Those flowers are so beautiful. I am not a valentines fan. I think love should be celebrated but when you want and not on a forced day. Your ideas are beautiful and should be done throughout the year not because the Valentines season has arrived!

  4. Marcie

    I think having a genuine conversation is underrated. My husband and I try to make a point of checking in with each other as soon as our 3yo goes to bed. It’s made our relationship a lot stronger.

  5. Cara (@StylishGeek)

    I love your ideas. I definitely get giddy whenever I get flowers from my Hubby. It always warms my heart! Will think of getting some flowers too for my Mom and Mom-in-Law on V-day 🙂

  6. karen

    Definitely being more present with each other – and being in the moment – is major. I think that is especially important to just be mindful of every-single-day.

  7. Valerie Jane

    Absolutely true! there’s som much more to love than just candy and flowers… 🙂

  8. Terri Steffes

    I am a huge fan of flowers. I love having them in my house. I get a real sense of peace having flowers close by.

  9. Samantha Stein

    This is a great list of saying “I Love You,” Theresa. Thanks for sharing! I strongly agree that it’s not always about exchanging of gifts. You can also say I love you in other ways like by doing simple things and showing that you are committed to doing these things. I like the idea of being present, giving them your full attention and attentive listening too. This is perfect in showing love to our grandparents this Valentine’s Day especially those who are inside long term care facilities. It’s best to show your love by paying them a visit and by being there the entire time, focused on creating fun memories with them.

  10. Belle

    These are such great ideas! It would be great to have your partner do these things but I guess it depends on your love language. I’d love it even more if my husband would tell me he loves me because that’s my love language. His love language though is acts of service so these are things that he usually does. 🙂

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  11. michele h peterson

    I haven’t used Teleflora for years as I was disappointed when the local florist substituted flowers that were “available” vs the ones in the photos, but that really is a beautiful bouquet. I might be willing to try them again. Good tip on exercising together too.

  12. Brandi with Big Fit Fam

    Actions definitely speak louder than words! I really love the “be present’ suggestion, it’s so easy to be on your phone or the computer, but we need to put them down and be mindful of each other more often

  13. Tereza

    These are some beautiful tips & ideas! Thank you for sharing! And that bouquet is AMAZING! Absolutely stunning! x

  14. lydia

    These are such great ways to say love! On another note, that bouquet is so pretty!

  15. Jeanine

    I love all of these ways. I think maybe doing all of them Valentine’s weekend would be really great. My husband works on Valentines so we won’t be doing much.

  16. Reesa Lewandowski

    Showing love is something so much more important to me than saying it. Such wonderful ideas!

  17. Angie Rose

    What a perfect list! That bouquet is seriously stunning. Love is all the little things, they really are so important and can be overlooked. Just being together and talking sometimes is the most romantic thing of all 🙂

  18. Stephanie

    This is a lovely list! There are so many ways to say I love you, whether through a gift, attention, a little note, etc. Those flowers are gorgeous!

  19. Jessica

    Love the list my husband and i do a lot of these. He’ll surprise me with something some days and vice versa. We tend to share most chores but sometimes I’ll come home to a fully cleaned home that’s better than flowers any day

  20. Ance

    These are awesome ways to say I love you, definitely being more present with each other is great way !

  21. Kiwi

    Those flowers are amazingly beautiful. I love Valentines day it is a day to spread more love and definitely these little acts of love need to continue throughout the year.


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