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How to Wear Jewelry To Enhance Your Appearance

Why do you wear jewelry? You might wear jewelry to look more beautiful, captivating, and intriguing. Do you ever wonder whether your jewelry truly enhances your appearance? Wearing jewelry should make you feel confident and beautiful. Enhance your natural beauty with the right jewelry selection. Check out a few tips on how to wear jewelry to compliment your look.

How to Wear Jewelry to Compliment Your Look

1.) Wear jewelry that is versatile.

Some of the best jewelry can be worn different ways. Wear your jewelry in different combinations to fit with the many outfits you own. Your jewelry style should coordinate with the style of your outfit. Layer several necklaces of different sizes to create a new look. A trendy combination of layered jewelry goes well with other trendy accents in your outfit, such as hip boots or a cool jacket.

Another way to get the most use out of your jewelry is to wear charms. Wear charms individually for a simple and classic look. Wearing a solo charm emphasizes the meaning of that one piece. You can also combine multiple charms on one chain for a bolder look. Check out the coordinating charms in the Take Flight combination from Helen Ficalora. When worn together, the charms shine brilliantly!

How to Wear Jewelry To Enhance Your Appearance - Theresa's Reviews -

2.) Play up either your top or your necklace, and don’t make the two compete.

The ideal necklace length will not compete with the shirt or dress you are wearing. Busy tops don’t need a necklace. If your top is busy, you could wear a simple, small chain. When you wear a simple, classic top, you can pull off a long piece of simple jewelry over it. Wear a chunky bold necklace when your entire outfit is simple.

3.) Coordinate the length of your necklace with the shape of your top.

Plunging necklines require a long necklace. Empty, uncovered space needs jewelry to create balance. Tops that have a high neckline do not need a necklace, although you can still add a necklace to add beauty to your look.

3.) Buy items that are meaningful.

Wear meaningful jewelry to help you show more confidence. This Angel Wing mini charm appeals to me because of its spiritual significance. Not only is faith importance during the holiday season, but it matters every day. Wearing the charm is a physical reminder of my faith that helps me make the right choices each day. I also remember to recognize when those around me act angelically.

How to Wear Jewelry To Enhance Your Appearance - Theresa's Reviews -

Regardless of your faith background, wear a charm that means something to you. Your jewelry can become a more significant part of your day.

4.) Stick to classic pieces.

Trends come and go, but classic styles can last forever. Choose jewelry that has a simple, classic look. You will get more use out of your accessories.

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