What are your favorite Thanksgiving recipes? Prepare a list of meals ahead of time so you can be stress free on Thanksgiving Day. It’s important to remember how lucky we are to have a great meal to cook. With so many families across our country not having the means to eat a several course meal, having the ingredients, the time, and the space to prepare Thanksgiving dinner is a blessing. To make the holiday less stressful, I searched out some of the best dishes. Check out several recipes I found.

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Fuji Apple Salad

Start Thanksgiving with a light, delicious salad. Creating the salad only requires a few steps. The mixture of sweet Fuji apples, savory bacon, arugula, pecans, and maple yogurt dressing will delight the whole family. Each ingredient adds a different taste and texture. Making a dressing from scratch will impress guests and give the dish a fresh taste.

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com - Recipe by The Kitchy Kitchen

Southern Style Squash Casserole Recipe

Check out this southern style squash recipe. The dish sounds delicious! The author has some pro tips, like using fresh squash for a better texture. Squash is a family favorite in my household. Including a squash casserole as a Thanksgiving side will make everyone happy. I like that the recipe only has a few ingredients, so it would be simple to practice before the holiday arrives.

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com - Recipe by Recipe for Perfection

Green Bean and Almond Au Gratin

Make a classic green bean dish. Green beans complement meaty main dishes. With this recipe, you use simple ingredients you already have, such as flour, onion, milk, and cereal. Fresh green beans will taste better and keep a good texture during cooking The recipe suggests using Swiss cheese, but I would prefer the suggested alternate, cheddar. You can also add Dijon mustard for some extra flavor.

Zov’s Silky Macaroni and Cheese

Homemade macaroni and cheese is a treat. Make a dish that can appeal to kids as well as adults. This recipe calls for some ingredients you might not usually include in your Mac and cheese, like worcheshire, hot sauce, and cayenne. It will have a bit of a kick to it, but you can be as moderate with the spice as you want to keep the family satisfied.

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com - Recipe by Simply Zov: Rustic Classics with a Meditteranean Twist

Picture Perfect Roasted Turkey

Try a new turkey recipe. Little Rusted Ladle explains the steps with great detail and even adds additional tips to help you create a turkey that looks as good as it will taste. The mixture of seasonings will create a delicious turkey, while the clear steps and explanations will make sure you cook and decorate with expertise this year.

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com - Recipe by Little Rusted Ladle - Photo by Jena Carlin Photography

Photo by Jena Carlin Photography

Stuffed Maine Lobster

Lobster is not something I cook regularly, but this recipe looks worth trying. To prepare, put diced lobster meat and a stuffing made with brioche, apricots, and pine nuts in the lobster shell. Every Thanksgiving, I have always enjoyed a eating a non-traditional main dish with my turkey. Growing up, the ham and pasta were delicious. Now, my husband’s family enjoys bratwurst. I’d love to create a new family tradition with seafood now that we live on the east coast.

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com - Photo and Recipe by Barton Seaver

Photo and recipe credit Barton Seaver.

Pumpkin Melt Away Pie

Homemade pie is the best way to end a Thanksgiving meal. This recipe shows you how to make the entire pie from scratch, including the pumpkin ice cream that you use. You would also make the salted caramel sauce and the cinnamon whipped cream. You need a few special tools in your kitchen, like an ice cream maker, but making this pie will impress and delight your guests!

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com - Recipe by The Kitchy KitchenTurkey Nut Sandwich

Don’t toss one bit of the leftover turkey. Double check that some key ingredients are in the house for the day after Thanksgiving. Put sharp cheddar, apples, walnuts, spinach, and walnut bread on your shopping list. The combination is delicious, and it’s far better than plain turkey and mayo.


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