This year, high on my children’s wish list for Santa were the Ashlyn and Camille Wellie Wisher American Girl dolls. My older daughter saw a commercial about how these dolls encourage friendship, and she insisted that these dolls would be perfect for her and her sister. Even though we already have the standard size Melody and Samantha dolls (who came with us to see Santa), I enjoyed seeing the new line of dolls.

Wellie Wisher American Girl Dolls

Standing at 14.5 inches tall, each Wellie Wisher doll wears garden boots and comes wearing a dress and one hair accessory. If you buy the books separately, the age range for reading them starts at age five and up. The Wellie Wisher line seems ideal for a younger audience than the standard dolls, whose books are for age eight and older. 

Under The Christmas Tree

Originally, when my daughters started asking to receive the dolls for Christmas, I saw that some were on backorder until after the holidays. Thankfully, the dolls they wanted were still available (but who knew for how long). Then, American Girl offered to send us Camille to review! 

Opening the dolls on Christmas morning was a big surprises. Each girl received the doll she wanted. Everyone couldn’t wait to see the dolls unboxed.

Theresa's Reviews - Unboxing of Two Wellie Wisher American Girl Dolls

Inside the box, the dolls looked like the standard dolls, only smaller. On the top of the box, a small cut out with translucent material gives you space to peek through and see the doll’s face. Each box opens the way the traditional boxes do. Simply pull the top part of the box up to open it. This leaves the doll, pamphlet, and accessories on the bottom part.  All dolls come with a netting protecting their hair and styrofoam wrapping around their feet and neck to keep them safe during shipping.
Theresa's Reviews - Unboxing of Two Wellie Wisher American Girl Dolls

Opening these dolls on Christmas was a highlight of the day. My children loved having their very own Wellie Wishers to add to their doll collection.

Unboxing Camille

First, we took Camille out of her box. I love that the netting kept her hair soft and smooth. To keep her hair in good condition, we ordered a brush for upkeep. We also went over rules for how to take care of her hair. This doll was for my younger daughter. She is only three years old (almost four). Since she has shown that she can take good care of her Melody doll for the past few months, I decided she was mature enough to have such a nice doll.

Theresa's Reviews - Unboxing of Two Wellie Wisher American Girl Dolls

Camille wears a blue and green tie-dye dress that has sparkles as well as a bow in the front. She comes with a small pink starfish hair clip. Her bright blond hair and blue eyes give her an all-American look. To give her a unique characteristic, she has one small freckle under her left eye. 

One adorable part of the Camille doll is her fun wellie boots. With an adorable, lively smiley face on the toes and red fins, the boots have a big appeal for young children. 
Theresa's Reviews - Unboxing of Two Wellie Wisher American Girl Dolls

Although Camille is smaller and less expensive than standard dolls, she is a lively and sweet doll who captivated the heart of my daughter. 

Ashlyn Doll Out Of The Box

For my older daughter, Santa brought Ashlyn. The doll has adorable freckles that go across her nose. With long, shiny brown hair and brown eyes, she has similar characteristics to the Samantha doll, but tanner skin and a more modern look.
Theresa's Reviews - Unboxing of Two Wellie Wisher American Girl Dolls

For a super girly style, Ashlyn wears all pink. Her pink outfit has a tutu lined with gold. The top ties in the front with gold ribbon. She comes wearing pink boots that have a gold toe. Inside the box, you receive a pink tiara. Since my daughter loves everything pink and princessy, this doll was ideal for her. 

Theresa's Reviews - Unboxing of Two Wellie Wisher American Girl Dolls

I like that Ashlyn isn’t your typical princess doll. Not only does she comes with a backstory, but she also has adorable freckles that give her a unique look. Although she is girly, she still looks friendly and nice.

Ashlyn And Camille Dolls Make Friendship Look Simple

Immediately after receiving the dolls, my daughters enjoyed playing with them together. From playing dress up to reading books together, the dolls inspire a good time in our household. We have many other new toys and games to play with from Christmas, but these dolls stand out from the rest. With their high quality design, beautiful clothes, and neat backstory, they are a top favorite of my daughters.

Theresa's Reviews - Unboxing of Two Wellie Wisher American Girl Dolls

I love that my daughters can both have a brand new American Girl doll at a fraction of the price of the standard dolls. With add-ons that include a play tent, a garden theatre, pet rabbit, and more, collecting the entire set could easily add up in price, but it still looks more affordable than the accessories for the standard dolls.

Pardon our Christmas mess in the photo below, but it offers a good view of the difference in size between the standard dolls and the Wellie Wishers. Ashlyn is holding a purse that goes with a standard doll. You can see that the black purse fits Ashlyn fine, even though it is long on her.

Theresa's Reviews - Unboxing of Two Wellie Wisher American Girl Dolls

We enjoyed trying out these adorable dolls! Not only did my daughters receive Wellie Wishers for Christmas, but they also received Samantha doll accessories as well as some new doll clothes. American Girl items make excellent gifts for girls. We look forward to playing with everything more during the rest of our Christmas break.

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Disclosure: I received an item for free, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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  1. Terri Steffes

    My neighbors daughter got this for Christmas too and so I saw them in person. They are totally the cutest things. I love the tiny Wellies.

  2. Megan mccoig

    I used to be obsessed with dolls when I was younger. These two are so pretty! Great post and hope your girls love them 🙂

  3. Jessica

    I didn’t know much about the American girl dolls until this week (being Canadian and all) but this is the 2nd post I’ve seen about them this week and they seem great. Glad your kids like them.

  4. Angela Tolsma

    I love that American girl is making their dolls with more variety and suiting to everyone. I didn’t know they had smaller versions and I think I would rather go that route that anything else for my sister.

  5. Allison

    These are so beautiful! I always wanted an American Girl doll growing up, they are so pretty and inspirational!

  6. Debra

    I loved my American Girl doll when I was a girl, I don’t have any girls to pass that down to but can’t wait for granddaughters one day!

  7. Silvia

    Aww the dolls are adorable and so are your girls! 🙂 It looks like they love their dolls!

  8. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    My daughter loves American Girl Dolls. We saw these in Target or Kohl’s recently, and all my daughter could say was that their faces were shaped funny. I don’t see it! Ha. Kids say the weirdest things.

  9. Taylor Mobley

    Growing up I had 14 american girl dolls! I LOVED THEM! I saved them all for my future children and hope they will play with them like I did!

  10. Kristin

    I just love this darling line. Both the dolls and their stories. We have Willa and Ashlyn and they’re so so cute!

  11. Rachel Catherine

    I wondered what the difference was between these and the other dolls. It seems like they might be made for a bit of a younger girl who has outgrown the bitty baby but isn’t ready for an American Girl.

  12. Reesa Lewandowski

    My daughter just Camille for Christmas. I love these dolls and what they stand for! It’s such a great message for our children!

  13. Amanda Love

    I like the wellie wishers because they’re perfect for smaller girls who would love to have their own American Girl Doll! I really like the concept of being able to dress them up and being able to dress like them!

  14. Katya

    These are the most adorable dolls for the cutest little girls! I wish I had toys like that when I was young! As far as I remember I only had 1 doll for years! Well, I grew up in Russia which explains it all…

  15. Heather

    My oldest would absolutely love these dolls! I love that the Princess has a great backstory. And the boots are so cute!

  16. Robin Rue

    These dolls are so cute! I remember loving these when they first came out when I was a child. There are so many different variations now that there is something for every little girl to love in each of them.

  17. Vaishnavi

    Wow, such cute and adorable dolls. My girl will love them as much. OMG! Those little boots rock. Love the picture with your girls!


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