I recently tried out a Tabeoke Kids’ Karaoke Player to help my 3 year old daughter learn to sing. My daughter was lucky to live in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee where people traveled from all over the world to try making it as singers. Because years ago I studied singing and voice with a couple of coaches in Nashville, I knew about the best vocal coaches I could take my daughter when she became older, more mature, and ready for the commitment to learn to sing professionally. As a preschooler, my daughter needed to start with the basics of how to sing and how to have fun learning to see if she had a genuine interest in music. Using a kids’ karaoke player helped. Practicing didn’t become a chore. Singing required practice, which is why I decided to review the kids’ karaoke player as a method to teach my child how to sing without the monotony some teaching strategies have.

Review of the Kids’ Karaoke Player

Putting the kids’ karaoke player together was simple, as assembly required only a few steps. Luckily, batteries were optional. Because I didn’t have the right kind of batteries, I simply plugged the karaoke machine into an outlet for power, and I plugged the microphone into the karaoke player. My only complaint was that I wished the product came with two microphones. When my daughter sang, she wanted me to sing with her. Having one microphone was a disadvantage. We ended up sharing the microphone back and forth most of the time, which took away from the natural feel of singing the song together. I realized I would need to purchase a second microphone eventually.


Because I reviewed the Tabeoke kids’ karaoke player, I also tried out the Tabeo E2 kids’ tablet, which came preloaded with the Tabeoke app to stream songs with lyrics. I propped the tablet up on the karaoke player to make the lyrics visible to my daughter and to me. Loading the app took a few tries, as the app initially said “Coming Soon.” When I reloaded all the apps on the tablet, I was able to get the full version of the app. I noticed the app came with 10 songs for free, and I used a promo code that came with the karaoke player to get another 40 free songs. All of the songs were kid friendly with some upbeat, contemporary songs for teens to help the product appeal to a diverse age range.

Trying out the kids’ karaoke player brought my family a lot of fun and helped my daughter build her performance skills. My daughter couldn’t read yet, which meant she couldn’t read the lyrics. I sang the songs with my daughter to help scaffold the information for her. After a few tries, my daughter could perform several of the songs without help from me. I loved watching my daughter build her stage presence with a microphone and her family as an audience, which she wholeheartedly enjoyed. Personally, I liked that the karaoke player would grow with my daughter, as she could learn new songs and build her literacy skills in the upcoming years. In the future, my two daughters would be able to learn to share the karaoke player and learn to sing together.


To address a question a reader had, it is possible to use the Tabeoke without the right tablet or without the Tabeo app. Since the Tabeoke is a Bluetooth device, you can stream in music from any device. Hook up the Bluetooth abilities to your phone’s Pandora app, another tablet, or even to a computer streaming music from Youtube. You won’t be streaming in the lyrics, so the singer can’t read the song, but the microphone and speakers will work fine without the Tabeo.

I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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