Welcome 2016 with well written New Year’s resolutions. To make resolutions you will keep, begin by writing simple steps that show actions. You should be able to visualize how you would keep the resolution when you read the first word.  Check out the five resolutions below for some clear examples. Simply reading the first words – walk, create, eat, cook, and celebrate – shows exactly what you would do to follow them. When you write your New Year’s resolutions in clear, actionable steps, you will be much more likely to follow those steps in the next year.

5 New Year’s Resolutions You Will Actually Keep

Write resolutions that you actually keep! - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com

1.) Walk more.

Walking more is a practical resolution. Count the steps you walk to motivate you. Make small changes, like skipping an elevator ride. Take a quick walk around the block with your family before dinner. Instead of writing a resolution to go to the gym, write about an active lifestyle.  This will be easy to keep because you will adjust your routine, instead of changing it completely.

Great resolutions involve actions - www.theresasreviews.com - Theresa's Reviews

2.) Create “Me” Time Moments.

Routinely give yourself special moments doing something meaningful to you. This resolution is practical because your “me” time moment can look different each day. Adjust your schedule as needed. One day you might get 10 extra minutes to yourself in the morning. Another day, you could schedule in an hour at the spa. Whatever “me” time looks like for you, it’s healthy for you, and you’ll enjoy it.

Write practical resolutions

3.) Eat a good breakfast every morning.

This resolution is simple to keep, although tempting to overlook on busy mornings. Before rushing out the door, eat something to keep your energy up all day. With Modern Oats oatmeal, you can make a quick, nutritious breakfast. In a few minutes, you can prepare the oatmeal inside the cup with boiling water. The oatmeal comes in delicious flavors that include mango blackberry, 5 berry, apple walnut, and Goji blueberry. When I tried out the gift set, I thought the flavor was delicious, and I liked that preparation was so simple. Eating a better breakfast made me more energetic, so I didn’t have to rely on coffee to power through the day.

Check out 5 New Year's Resolutions You Will Actually Keep - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.com

4.) Cook with delicious ingredients.

Make eating a special event. Prepare your food with the best ingredients you can get. The better quality your food is, the more satisfying eating will be. I learned this recently when I tried a Hello Fresh food box. Cooking with cheese imported from Denmark and fig jam from France made my cooking taste so much better! I wanted to cook more often since people liked the taste of the food, so I was more proud of my ability to cook. Treasure your time spent cooking so that you can savor the experience of eating – without overindulging.


5.) Celebrate your time with others.

There are only so many minutes in each day, so spend quality time with the people you love. In my home, a regular night in watching movies becomes a movie theatre night with a homemade movie poster. It’s simple, but it makes a huge difference in the attention we all give to each other. Make your time with others a celebration. The important moments spent together should be extraordinary, not ordinary.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? How will you write resolutions that you can actually keep? Share your tips in the comments section!


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17 Responses

  1. Kari

    Me time is the one I have trouble with. I seem to wrap up in things like the blog thinking I’m having me time but really I’m just working again. 🙂

  2. Autumn Leopold

    Great post and great goals. Keeping it simple means you may actually do all of these! Is it just me or does it seem all women have similar goals? lol

  3. Elizabeth Edgar

    Great ideas! I agree that if you keep it simple, you will be able to reach these goals!
    Mine is to pay off my debts by selling old things, go out to eat less and use bonus money from my fiance’s work.

    Thank you.

  4. Brooklyn Jolley

    After failing at “going to the gym” for years and years, the past few months I’ve started walking on my home treadmill during my two 15 minute work breaks. ( I work from home ) It has STUCK. Plus I’m excited for those 15 minute breaks because I get to step away from my computer and read/watch Netflix. It has been an AWESOME lifestyle change. I’m not seeing weight loss which is fine, but I feel so much better on the days that I do!

  5. Tanisha @ ThriftyNYmom

    These are really helpful! I’m going to add some of these to my goals for next year, especially eating a good breakfast in the morning. It’s something I’ve skipped since I can remember and I know it’s not good for me.

  6. CourtneyLynne

    Hahaha love these! Especially the cook more with delicious ingredients. That’s one I need to make lol

  7. Shann Eva

    These are great resolutions. I’m not really making any this year, but I can totally do most of these with a little mindfulness. Great post!


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