Around the Fourth of July, I featured a NYC-based company, Imagination Lane NYC. If you live in New York, you can check out the company’s services for birthday parties, classes, and group events. In the online store, the company offers many fun products that focus on more than just parties. With the new school year coming up, I scrolled through all of the company’s items in search of something for my daughter who is starting kindergarten. There were T-Rex watches, fairy watches, scented pens, stationary sets, notebooks and pencil cases. Out of all the items, the Mermaid backpack caught my daughter Samantha’s attention the most.

Back to School with Imagination Lane NYC

One of my favorite things about the backpack was its youthful design. The mermaid character was the ideal way to transition from summer to fall. After having an amazing beach vacation, Samantha has been fascinated with everything to do with the ocean. The character on the backpack made it more lively, and it would give Samantha a topic of conversation as she rides her new bus this year. With blue, red, and pink, the backpack had appealing colors.

Back to School with Imagination Lane NYC - Theresa's Reviews -

Inside the backpack, there was plenty of storage space. With the amount of composition books, binders, and pencils that Samantha needed to buy to start kindergarten, she’ll need the space. She also enjoys carrying one toy or comic book on the bus. The backpack had plenty of room for a kindergartener’s work and some extra space for fun items. In the small pouch in the front, you can find little compartments to store small items. Immediately, Samantha grinned when discovered this area, and zipped a bag of hair ties into a small compartment, just in case she needs them at school.

Although the size was large enough, it didn’t overpower my five year old daughter’s frame. The width and the height of the backpack was just right. As a parent, I liked that the backpack looked age appropriate. Samantha was comfortable wearing it, which means fewer fusses in the morning when she gets dressed. Since the design was so fun, she talked about how excited she was to wear it. Letting a child chose what they wear to school is a huge win-win situation for the parent. Giving children choices about their attire gives them more confidence.

While trying out the backpack, I thought it was a great pick for back to school shopping. Imagination Lane NYC carries so many fun items that kids can really enjoy. I look forward to getting a lot of use out of the backpack this year. To learn more about the company, check out their Instagram page. Keep reading my articles to learn about a giveaway coming up from Imagination Lane NYC for a fun back to school item as well as a few other neat items to start the year right.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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