Searching for gifts men want for Christmas? Buy the latest items that men enjoy. When shopping for gifts, keeping a man’s hobbies and interests in mind can be helpful. Make him realize how much he means to you! Sometimes, men buy everything they need and want, leaving little for you to buy for him. I came up with a list that can appeal to guys with varied interests. Check out some of my top picks for 2015.

Men’s Holiday Gift Guide 2015


Buy irresistible sweets. One creative choice is to use a man’s favorite dessert as an inspiration. For a man who adores rocky road ice cream, Harvard Sweet Boutique Rockiest Road is the ideal pick. The chocolate bark comes filled with marshmallows, potato chips, M&M’s, pretzels, Oreo cookies, and more. It’s hard to stop eating when you try some!

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews -


Surprise him with his favorite meal, catered to his door. My husband had no idea that the Carolina Cue to Go Four Piggies Package was arriving. I acted nonchalant but insisted that he get it into the fridge as quickly as possible. As he rushed to get the package open, he paused with gratitude when he realized it was his favorite, a bar-b-que meal that could last two days. The package comes with the rolls, cole slaw, and a signature sauce.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews -


Add a camera to a man’s electronics collection. Although my husband already owns a Panasonic GH4, he doesn’t have an action camera. Certain situations call for a light camera that can work for active vacations. For instance, this past summer, we took a trip to Assateague Island to spot the wild horses. We must have run half a mile trying to catch up with the horses walking the beach. Next time, instead of lugging a large camera, we’ll bring the MeCam X Waterproof Action Camera. It’s meant for active shoots, and you can even take photos as well as videos. With the waterproof case, it’s an awesome pick for a beach trip. Add to your gift with tickets to a fun vacation spot!

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews -


Give a man a warm coat for the cold winter ahead in the next few months. To provide warmth in arctic temperatures, buy Triple FAT Goose Men’s Hesselberg Jacket. The company is making a major comeback this year after their huge popularity from 1980-1990. My husband tried the jacket out, and he looked really good in it. You can zip the coyote fur hood off, but the jacket actually looks way better with it.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews -


Add to a man’s tee-shirt collection with the Western shirt and Escape shirt from Territory Running Company. When the company sent me these shirts, I was very impressed with the fabric. Usually, I buy inexpensive tee-shirts for my husband from local retail stores. These shirts are way nicer than what he usually wears. I like the outdoor style, which will make his fitted jacket look more casual.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews -


Shoes are useful because they wear out after a year or two. Buy a man some summer shoes. Flip flops work great for bringing the trash out and getting the mail. The shoes are easy to get on and off, so guys can wear them for simple tasks in almost any weather. I replaced my husband’s old, worn flip flops with the Chacos Cabrera Flips. Because the flip flops are a nice, dark brown, guys can wear them for nicer occasions too.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews -


Another item that gets a lot of wear and tear would be wallets. For a guy who loves music, buy the Anthology Gear Wear Bi-Fold Wallet. This wallet is made from a thick material. Inside, the item has space for your cash, cards, and three guitar picks. Because the leather has a natural looking, aged patina finish, it has a rugged look that gives it character.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews -

Heading on a vacation? Gift a pre-made itinerary outlining the man’s favorite spots to visit, and put it inside the Hedgren OTR Duffle. During the past year, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a duffle with a manly look. Finally, I found a duffle I know my husband would use. I like the dark coloring that would work well for any occasion. This medium sized duffle bag has plenty of room for essentials. With durable, water repellent material, the item works well for vacations in any weather.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews -

Proud of a man’s recent work accomplishments? Stock up the items in his at home office space. Buy him high quality ceramic pens from Kyocera. This is a great everyday pen for someone who writes frequently. The pens write very well. Ink comes out smoothly and effortlessly.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews -

Better Rest

Give the give of better rest! With the Bedgear Dusk 2.0 Performance Pillow, my neck aches have gone away, and my posture seems improved. My previous pillow was too hard, especially since I sleep on my back. Use the product selector to choose a pillow just for him. The pillows are made differently for back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and for different body types. This gift shows that you have taken the time to choose a custom product perfect for the recipient.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews -


Buy grooming products for the man who always likes to look his best. A new trimmer or clipper can be a great gift. Eventually, trimmers wear down and need to be replaced. With the WAHL Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Trimmer, you get a smooth trim. The item is slim so you can easily fit it in travel cases. My husband uses this, and he highly recommends it.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews -

To add to the travel gift theme with the duffle bag and action camera, give the Menaji Expandable Dopp Kit. Because the items come in a travel kit, they are easy to take on vacations and business trips. The skincare set comes with an eye gel, aftershave, deep cleaning mask, and a Clearshave 3-in-1 product. Although my husband wouldn’t often go out and buy himself skin care products to add to his grooming routine, now that he has them, he uses them.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.comAnother good grooming item is Griff’s Shampoo and Conditioner. Made just for men, this scalp cleanser and scalp conditioner duo will cleanse well. The products add volume as well as strength, and they hydrate hair to leave it smooth. The smell is delicious! Men will adore the peppermint and rosemary scent.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Theresa's Reviews -

Are you still searching for the right gifts for a man? Share some of your ideas in the comments section below.


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    What a great guide. My husband is always the hardest person to shop for. He never knows what he wants or what he needs! This will help a lot.

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    Nice list! Gift shopping for men is so difficult, IMO. Love the sweets and electronics idea! Haven’t done those yet.


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