On my daughter’s sixth birthday, we brought her to a pet store and let her pick out five fish. Now, a year later, the fish don’t captivate her attention the way they did when she bought them. When one fish disappeared, she only noticed a month later. Having a pet is a big responsibility. While my daughters might not be ready for a real puppy yet, they love interactive pet toys. To provide the experience of playing with a puppy without all of the responsibility, I gave them the Georgie interactive puppy.

Playing With Georgie The Interactive Puppy

Whether you want to teach your children about pet ownership or treat them with a special gift, Georgie the Interactive Puppy from MGA Entertainment offers hours of play. Today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can learn some reasons that children adore this toy.

Family Video Review Of The Interactive Puppy

First, check out my latest video to see the toy in action. To illustrate the features Georgie has, I showed her responses to a few commands. If you enjoy the video, please click through to Youtube, give it a thumbs up, and subscribe to my channel!

Unboxing Georgie The Interactive Puppy

When we got the puppy, one of the first things I noticed was how adorable the packaging was! The box is shaped like a carrying case for the toy, and it has a dog tag that you can remove and save.

With the Georgie interactive puppy, the packaging is adorably appropriate for the toy.

With the Georgie interactive puppy, the packaging is adorably appropriate for the toy.

Inside the box, you receive the puppy, a red bandana collar, a blue chew toy, an instruction pamphlet, and a USB charging cord. One of the most convenient things about the toy is that you don’t have to worry about batteries. Within an hour of charging, the toy works well.

Some of the fun features include the 12 commands that the puppy will listen to as well as some impromptu movements. Not only does she follow directions, but she also reacts with emotion to some of the commands. She has priceless reactions to “I love you” and “Bath time!” Since Georgie doesn’t like baths, she tries to run away when it’s time to get clean!

Be careful if you’re playing with the toy on a table. Georgie can move very fast, and she can fall if you aren’t careful! When we put her on the table, one person was prepared to catch her as needed. One of my daughters did drop the puppy while getting out of the car, but luckily it was fine afterwards!

As with all interactive toys, you have to speak clearly. Georgie followed my directions well, and she also reacted well to my older daughter’s voice. The puppy wouldn’t react much to my four year old daughter’s voice, but the toy is ideal for children ages six and up who would be able to speak clearly and loudly enough for the puppy to understand. My daughter didn’t mind, and she appreciated having my help to talk to her new puppy.

Georgie the Golden Retriever is a cuddly toy that interacts well with children.

Georgie the Golden Retriever is a cuddly toy that interacts well with children.

Since Christmas, I wanted to get this toy for my daughter Georgiana, whose nickname is Georgie. Now that we have the Georgie puppy, the pair is inseparable. My children might not quite be ready for a real puppy any time soon, but they are adoring their time with this fun, interactive puppy.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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  1. Christine

    HOW CUTE! My kids love interactive toys and my niece especially loves animals. I will have to keep my eye out for this in stores!

  2. Erin

    This is a great alternative for small children who are not quite ready for the responsibility of a real puppy. I had not seen this puppy before I cannot wait to look for it now.


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