In the past month, I’ve covered a few men’s shoes that made excellent Father’s Day gifts. As a late gift for my husband, I received the Sperry Top-Sider SON-R Pulse men’s sandals. My husband needed some comfortable shoes to help ease the stress of the classes he has been taking. Over the last few weeks, I’ve watched him wearing the sandals and I asked for feedback from him. While wearing the shoes, he got a lot of use out of them in various settings.

Men’s Sandals Review

Regarding the fit of the men’s sandals, the shoes fit true to size. He typically wears a size 13. Slipping on the size 13 sandals, he was pleased with the fit. His toes had plenty of room without too much space, which would have caused him to trip. Whether paired with jeans or khaki shorts, the sandals looked great.

He wore the shoes often, which revealed how much he liked them. In the past, Ryan was picky about his shoes and never chose to wear sandals. Just a month ago when Ryan was choosing the type of shoes he was going to try from another company popularly known for its sandals, he decided to try heavy boots instead. Now that I convinced Ryan to give sandals a try and I got him the right type of sandals, he couldn’t get enough of wearing them.

When I asked my husband what he liked about the sandals, he said that they felt a lot more secure and more stable than traditional flip flops feel.  He liked the comfortable leather and the thick, cushioning padding on the bottom for smooth walking. The sandals were built well and had good quality.

To purchase the men’s sandals, visit Sperry Top-Sider at the company’s website. 

Disclosure: I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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