My daughter Samantha’s favorite color is pink. When I found sparkly, pink winter boots lined with fur, I knew I had found her main pair for the season. As I previously interned and volunteered in the fashion industry early in my college years, now the color and style attracted me to the shoes, making them my top choice of shoes to review from the KidOFit company. With the temperature becoming lower outside, the shoes looked practical for the chilly weather. Although Samantha had begged for a cute pair of dark pink sneakers for the company, when she saw the boots, she was so ecstatic because of their fun style that she forgot she had even asked for the other pair.

 Kids’ Winter Boots Review

To try the shoes out, Samantha spent a day in the big city. We used our yearly pass to the local aquarium, and we had a blast. Getting around the city required a substantial amount of walking. Luckily, the shoes fit well. Using the sizing chart, I discovered that a size 12 was the largest shoe size available. My daughter’s feet fit the sizing chart exactly at size 12. The shoes had just the right amount of space for them to fit Samantha through the entire winter and some chilly spring months.

Walking around the city, our family excitedly toured the aquarium for hours. Racing up and down the shark tunnel, zooming by the other visitors, and running up the stairs of the dolphin pool, my daughter never seemed to tire. Clearly, the shoes were holding up well for her. As we left, Samantha was still begging to walk around the city, so we went into a huge book store and walked up three flights of stairs.

During the day’s adventures, Samantha walked without any discomfort. She never fell or tripped. When we got home, I asked whether she thought the shoes still fit right after wearing them all day. Samantha said that the shoes felt great and would fit her until she is five, which means the shoes would last her through the winter and some of spring, as I had predicted. The sizing was just right for the shoes to fit through the cold seasons.

My favorite thing about the shoes was the cool style. Samantha agreed that she loved the look. As I’ve tried out several pairs of women’s boots myself, I’ve found that some can be too clunky and some can look too practical. The KidOFit boots looked sleek and stylish, with a neat flower applique that my daughter liked. In the next several months, Samantha will be overjoyed wearing her stylish boots to school and to church.

To learn more, visit the company’s website.

winter boots review

winter boots review

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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